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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Always "Consider the Source" When You Read What Was Said About Barack Obama...


Ah, another diversion by the White House of Horror, right out of the rabid Rovian play book.

Use your own back yard activities, personalities and profiles, that look bad to the public, but are seen as hateful strengths to the radical right and make a blanket statement that leaves one scratching their head. "What did that mean?"

Smoke and mirrors, again. Remember the phrase "If you can't get good attention, Any attention will do." Or goes somethin' like that.

In this case, lets see who stands up to the House of Horror, let's see if any person of character will at least address the statement and defend Senator Obama.

A statement that was meant to insult Barack Obama without a doubt. I guess its time to tear down those walls of Institutional Racism.

Thery're playing with us people.

"White House: Obama too "intellectually lazy" to work here "... and a laziness, an intellectual laziness." by Tim Grieve

On another matter, a local one.......

"I'm a strong-willed person," Paulose told the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis in April. "I think that I'm also a generous and loyal and kind person."

If someone has to broadcast how wonderful they are, are they really that wonderful?

U.S. Attorney in Minnesota Faces Probe Prosecutor Accused by Staff of Abuse, Retaliation, Mishandling Classified Material By Dan Eggen Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, September 23, 2007

"allegations that she mishandled classified information, retaliated against those who crossed her, and made racist remarks about a support staff employee,"


"leading to open revolt last spring by senior managers who refused to work with her."


"The real complaint may just be that she's a political hack who just isn't qualified to manage the office"

COMMENTS about the U.S. attorney, Rachel K. Paulose probe......"This man Melson is another very deceptive personality who has apparently just been promoted at the DOJ!"
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