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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Product Recalls Ding and Dent Consumer Confidence - Drains Dollars

Update: No Test, No Trust, No Toy - Christmas 2007 by awakening Monday, November 12, 2007

A little tid bit I picked up on this morning while watching our local weather station, channel 17......tuned in because of local weather watch for severe weather.

August 30, 2007 Weather radio recall Oregon Scientific issued a recall of approximately 66,000 of its weather radios and weather stations. The models include the following: USA Today The Weather Guys Posted by Bob Swanson

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2000 10,000 Weather Radios Recalled -- the radio can fail to decode certain signals broadcast by the National Weather Service or can provide incorrect warnings of severe weather that puts lives and property at risk.

Consumer Safety Agency In Limbo White House Fails to Fill Vacancy; Remaining Commissioners Stripped of their Power By Joseph S. Enoch ConsumerAffairs.Com

"The White House did not return two calls from ConsumerAffairs.Com, seeking comment on this story."

"The warning labels and Hoover penalty are examples of a handful of actions the two standing commissioners voted unanimously on before their powers dissolved Jan. 15."

"After those six months, their powers are stripped until the President has filled the vacancy and as of Jan. 15, 2007, that has been the case."

96% of This Year's Recalled Toys Came From China By James R. Hood ConsumerAffairs.Com June 29, 2007

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