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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheering On


The Left Coaster was HOT today!!! Democracy at, Bloggers and Posters doin' the work of the 110th congress..... The people need to know what true 'Courage' looks like, without worrying about the timing for something that is most definitely a facade, a stall, a trick with smoke and mirror's. Congress has no intention of doin' for the people, they haven't changed their talking points even after taking a vacation. The people need a voice. MoveOn said it 'Loud and clear' enough for all to hear. MoveOn took a gutsy risk and the message was received loud and clear. The criticism they got back, is actually a good sign. It means that politicians on the hill noticed. Somebody noticed, other than us little people. No matter what people think, this tactic had to be taken now. I applaud for taking a stand in the current climate of danger, the danger of losing our democracy.

MoveOn Didn't Help by Steve Soto Tuesday September 11, 2007
"He and David Sanger of the NYT also said that Democrats seemed fearful of even asking Petraeus the tough questions or asking point blank if Iran was next." AND "........a personal attack like this, at a critical moment when House and Senate Democrats needed to gain a spine and a clarity of mind about holding this administration accountable only served to give the GOP one more chance to misdirect the attention of the media away from their own failings towards the overstep by"

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From Marie:

In case any "lefty" bloggers haven't noticed, IT'S NOT WORKING. Petraeus is a lying sack of s*%#@ just like those he works for. To pretend otherwise or not say it loudly and in their faces, means that this war will go on for at least another two years. To run and hide whenever anyway has the audacity to speak the truth is to enable those who lie and kill. And those lying killers are happy to shake their bloody hands with "lefty" bloggers.

Right on, Marie!

Posted by fafnir at September 11, 2007

Update: September 13, 2007 Adding On.... General Petraeus or General Betray Us? Cooking the books for the White House

Every independent report on the ground situation in Iraq shows that the surge strategy has failed.

GAO report, 9/4/07
NIE report, 8/23/07
Jones report, CSIS, 9/6/07

The Washington Post, September 26, 2004 Battling for Iraq BYLINE: David H. Petraeus SECTION: Editorial; B07 LENGTH: 1239 words DATELINE: BAGHDAD "Now, however, 18 months after entering Iraq, I see tangible progress. Iraqi security elements are being rebuilt from the ground up."

ANALYSIS Thursday, September 13, 2007 Returns to War That Is Now His Own By Peter Baker and Thomas E. Ricks Washington Post Staff Writers "We have defaulted to a military man to set the terms of the debate," said Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), a retired vice admiral. "I just think it's profoundly against the spirit of the Constitution. . . . Congress is as responsible as the president."

MoveOn's 'Betray Us' ad a smart move By: Andrew Rasiej and Micah L. Sifry Politico Sep 12, 2007 "You have to do something “remark”-able that individuals will want to talk about and share with others. (Even if that means a lot of those individuals will be criticizing you, as the Republicans have been attacking MoveOn’s rhetoric.)" AND "Surveys show that as people have gotten overwhelmed with paid advertising, their trust in such messages has declined, while their trust in word-of-mouth (and word-of-Web) from friends and acquaintances has soared. "

MOMMY, MOVEON IS BEING MEAN AGAIN! THE DIVINE DEMOCRAT Wednesday, September 12, 2007 "Although the Republican hypocrites claimed how horrified they were by this ad, they couldn't whip that ad out fast enough to hold it in front of the cameras. The moaning and groaning about the nerve of anyone impugning the integrity of a man who was the leader of our fine military troops...well, how dare they!!! "

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