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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Call and Write Michele Bachmann to Vote 'For' the Voters....

St. Cloud Times gives out Bachmann's contact information "It's like they're *daring* us to write to her." From DMB Wednesday, September 05, 2007 DMB says try it if you feel lucky.....

Rep. Michele Bachmann

6th District Rep. Michele Bachmann's Washington office can be reached by at phone at 202-225-2331. Fax is 202-225-6475. E-mail is sent through the Web at The postal address is 412 Cannon HOB. Washington, D.C. 20515.

Rep. Holt's Voter Confidence bill, HR 811

Bachmann voting for a paper trail record and mandatory audits of electronic voting machines to ensure their accuracy and guarantee secure, verifiable elections?

"Sorry Common Cause, but Bachmanns track record is a lost cause where fairness and equality are concerned........."

Email Message from Common Cause September 5, 2007

Dear _____________,

Congress could vote on the Holt Voter Confidence bill as soon as tomorrow. (today)

Call your Representative to support the Voter Confidence bill.

In the next 24 hours, we will have our best - and, most likely, our last - opportunity to ensure that electronic voting machine ballots are backed by paper records in the critical 2008 elections.

The House could vote as soon as tomorrow on Rep. Holt's Voter Confidence bill, HR 811. As you know, this legislation would require paper records and mandatory audits of electronic voting machines to ensure their accuracy and guarantee secure, verifiable elections.

Call Rep. Michele Bachmann at (202) 225-2331 today to urge support for the Holt bill, and opposition to any and all attempts to sabotage it. After you call, be sure to report back to us.

We fully expect opponents of reform to try to derail this critical bill in the closing hours of debate. By taking action now, you can help make sure that we get it straight by 2008.

In 2006, voting machine errors fouled up elections across the country. The most notable was in Florida's 13th district where 18,000 votes were not recorded or lost due to faulty machinery. We simply can not have another election where votes disappear.

But, we're in that dangerous pre-vote period when anti-reform forces use behind-the-scenes tactics and trickery to undermine reform. We can't let them sabotage this bill and undermine the most basic of democratic principles - that everyone has a right to vote and that every vote counts.

Call Rep. Bachmann today at (202) 225-2331 and send the message that the House must get it straight by 2008. And don't forget to tell us about your call.

Common Cause is mobilizing our entire membership at this critical hour. House passage of a vitally important reform is within our reach. Let's do everything we can to win.

Thanks for all you do.


Bob Edgar
President, Common Cause
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