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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry Craig's Wife Needs To Be Among Real Friends....


This is for the Women, for the wives..."Women will always have to start over, every time their gains are erased by lawmakers. I fear the lawmaker man who creates fear for the homemaker woman. Still, even if I work outside of home, I'm paid less because I am a woman. The thought of living in abject poverty would make a woman endure a lot, has for centuries. Especially women caught in a world where their value is still determined by the company they keep." by awakening

Marine Tells of Order to Execute Haditha Women and Children By Rob Woollard Agence France-Presse Truthout Thursday 30 August 2007

In These Times How Does Laura Bush Sleep at Night? By Susan J. Douglas August 28, 2007 "Two months after his inauguration, Bush closed the White House Office for Women’s Initiatives and Outreach."

Poverty has not decreased, only the method by which it is recorded has changed...Over one year ago Minnesota lifted a law that had all counties in MN using the same financial criteria for eligibility to Public Assistance Programs.

This change in turn gave all counties the power to use their own guidelines -- applying up to a 200% poverty rating if they so choose and therefore, many more people - tax payers in short term need - have not been deemed eligible for help as they had been before.

Hense the increase in food shelf visits, among other area's of charitable needs. The satellite office's for public assistance disappeared and now each public assistance category must be asked for, no longer an automatic choose 'All' first. At the very least being done in some of the bigger more populated counties as a rule.

Plus having hired people stand at the front counter to assess your situation out loud in public, could also be the reason people never return for help.

An awful system that emerged in the last several years, a bad (R) system through and it creative bookkeeping by the (R). The (R) were in charge long before the new majority came in and even then there has been too many fires to put out by the (DFL).

Hope they (DFL) catch on to the nasty little tactics that have drained the average persons ability to recover from unexpected job change, sudden illness and loss of resources over time.

Call it invisible bookkeeping to be exact. Like the 30,000 people pushed off of MNCare two years ago and like the change more recently in the term Hunger to'"Very Low Food Security" greedy GOPers never cease to amaze me.

Next thing they'll (GOP) be telling us is how all those jobs without health care are what the people - workers wanted all along. That they're really feeling fortunate to have that job, with or without benefits and less than full time hours.....people will say almost anything when they've been deprived long enough......but the report in the MSM will read "Job satisafaction at an all time high." ....or did we do that one already?

In Ohio: In War On Poverty, Poverty Is Winning by OhioRebel ePluribus Media Thu Jun 14, 2007 issued by The Center for Community Solutions (CCS) on the state of poverty in Ohio in 2007 confirms again Friday, June 15, 2007 Soldiers of Fortune....Minnesota Renamed

“If you’re a closeted Democrat or Republican and you don’t bash gays or vote against gay rights to gain political points, I won’t out you.” The Most Feared Man on the Hill? The Hot Joints September 4, 2007 "In the coming months, he plans to post the names of “a few more” closeted Congress members on his blog, he says, all of them Republicans."

Craig’s wide stance on gay gap Leonard Pitts - Miami Herald Updated: 09/08/07 on Buffalo News "So you get the...."

Ladies for your Info! WTF Blog August 28, 2007


I guess if Larry Craig is really a Gay man, shouldn't he embrace this? I got the feeling that he was more of a creep. Not like a normal man, who happens to be Gay. But more like a sleazy guy, who happens to like having anonymous sex in public places...that's beyond being kinky.

That's an irresponsibly arrogant person who can't control himself and risks a lewd act in public, that is illegal, again and again. That's not responsible behavior for any man, especially a man in a relationship with a woman, who he is married to.

This man happens to deserves to live his life in the open. But would that truthful life style satisfy his personal and political needs? Maybe more will be shared about how this politician has become the poster boy of bad bathroom behavior.

Senator Larry Craig, Free Speech Poster Boy? Commentary: Should Senator Larry Craig turn to the First Amendment to defend his toe-tapping rights? By Stephanie Mencimer Mother Jones August 31, 2007

This guy has hurt, yet again, the good and decent people who happen to be GLBT. The stereotyping, the labels, the attitudes of the antigay movement have been given more fuel for something that really belongs in another category.

Larry Craig may be the newest face across MSM, but there seems to be many more politicians hiding behind their wives, while living out their fantasies with men. Is that really a 'Gay' thing?

Senator's Wife Finds Herself at Center of Storm Suzanne Craig Appeared by Her Man Tuesday, but Will Face New Challenges as Scandal Unfolds "If you see a guy standing next to his wife, it offers some explanation that he might be telling the truth. It means 'how can he be gay? He's got a wife.' … Usually, there is an assumption that if your wife can forgive you, then the world can forgive you," she said." ABC News August 30, 2007

Did some GOP honcho decide that Larry should be the news buster, to take the heat off of other recent stories?

The saddest thing about having a man or woman locked in the closet, is the heart ache that it must cause them and their family when exposed in the way the politicians have been exposed. If this life style was agreed upon and part of the couples arrangement, then no problem, right?

What if the wife (so far just wives) knew of her husbands sexual orientation and she was all right with that, grudgingly or complacently, to keep the family together or to escape abject poverty?

Then she would have to make a conscious decision to accept and extinguish that part of her and her husbands relationship. Sexually transmitted diseases would be the main reason for the wife to become abstinent. But what if she had been at the initial stage of suspecting, worried herself to death, went to the doctor to have a check up, without a word to the doctor?

She would have her answer in a day or so, because annual female check ups most often require complete physicals and PAP smears. She lets out a a huge sigh of relief, because she is clean. The wife would confront her husband by withholding sex from him if his was a bisexual urge. Otherwise she would never have to worry about STD's; because there never was sex, kissing or any of the stuff you just naturally assume are part of a healthy relationship, if you are married.

Never talking about it, but going their own way, never acknowledging that this part of their life was either never consummated or was ended as soon as the woman read a report about STD's or had an odd symptom.

A marriage of convenience? Is it more important to hide a marriage of political or religious convenience?

There are many examples of what a marriage of convenience is. When it becomes that, I wonder which person initiates the 'convenience' part first. Which person sacrifices more?

But what of two people who really want their life to be in a marriage of completeness? Two people of the same gender. Monogamous in nature...what of them? That is what life is about....completeness.

Larry Craig, as a politician needs to leave office. His misunderstanding -- he says -- of the charges, indicate his incompetence as a lawmaker. His political character is flawed - period!

I really don't know what he could do to redeem himself in the eyes of GLBT community.

Larry Craig as a person, husband and Father, should be allowed to pick up the pieces of his life and live in peace.

Editorial Sen. Larry Craig's problem isn't sexual confusion; it's hypocrisy Friday, August 31, 2007 The Plain Dealer "Now, he claims he didn't really understand what his plea entailed -- an odd defense for someone who has been making laws for 32 years, and who told the judge that he fully understood the charges and proceedings."

The Smoking Gun "U.S. Senator Gets Flushed Cops: Republican Larry Craig sought Minnesota airport toilet tryst August 28, 2007 Photo....

From Mike Rogers BlogActive "the site that exposes anti-gay politicians who themselves are closeted." AND "In October of last year I reported on US Senator Larry Craig's sexual encounters with men, including one at Washington, DC's Union Station."

DMB Michele's Shifting Accounts of Bathroomgate Sunday, July 03, 2005 "Bachmann also reported that the women who "held her against her will" were "with the GLBT group, which is a gay and lesbian activist group," when in fact, they both were constituents of hers from Scandia, and she knew that."

Just Bizarre... Sunday, April 10, 2005 DMB

Craig’s Bathroom Bust Statement: “I am Not Gay!” By John Amato Crooks and Liars Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 "I am not gay and never have been."

(8/29/2007) Wednesday on The Ed Schultz Show! Mike Rogers, our Senior Gay Blogger from joined the 1st hour of Tuesday's program to discuss Sen. Larry Craig's guilty plea for lewd behavior. "Thanks to C-Span for broadcasting The Ed Schultz Show on Tuesday."

Crooks and Liars anchors re-inact the Signals Craig wouldn’t have to go to sexually active men’s rooms if it wasn’t for the homophobia that lives and breaths in the GOP.


If ever there was a time to expose 'Politicians' who live a secret, in the closet, under the covers, in the hidden back stalls of society, behind their wives; it was yesterday, it is today and it will be tommorrow. If a lawmaker can't walk the walk and talk the talk, then they are deceiving the public.

Worse yet, they are using their wife - a woman to distort their agenda, to an unsuspecting public. Worse than that, if the lawmaker has abused the law for personal gain.

Lewd Larry Craig Edition Queerty ReBUTTal Auguat 31, 2007 "gays in the US have got to unite with secularists and atheists to bash and force the religious back into the private sphere."

I wish people could live out in the open - outloud, when they are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender; without worry of back lash from their family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, bosses and society at large.

Michele Bachmann's Krazy Kongressional LIE-Brary Sunday, August 26, 2007 "To read everything about Michele Bachmann and her verrryyy anti-attitude go to Dump Michele Bachmann

I know this isn't realistic when you have people like Michele Bachmann, ?politician?, one of many who so boldly spew an Anti- agenda. A person doesn't have to be a radical rightie to join her in her anti- rants....

Craig's case exposes nation's anti-gay sentiment Ellen Goodman Boston Globe Friday, September 7, 2007 "What law did this sad sack of a 62-year-old senator with his ludicrous explanations actually break?"

Anyone who holds a belief that would impose suppression and oppression on any group of people, must feel all cozy and right at home with Michele's path of persecution.

Irish Pres. Comes Out For Gays Anti-Gay Attitudes Fuel Suicides Queerty August 31, 2007 "homosexuality “a discovery, not a decision,”


Cop who arrested Sen. Craig known for discretion updated Friday August 31, 2007 CNN "Accusing Craig of failing to tell the truth, Karsnia told the senator: "When things were awry, or things needed to get done, you could always count on him to get things done."

For Idaho Paper And Reporter, Craig Story Posed a Moral Dilemma By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, August 30, 2007

GOP Leaders Strip Craig Of Committee Assignments By Karl Vick and Paul Kane Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, August 30, 2007

Into The Secrets Of the Stall Experts Say Anonymous Sex In Public Places Is A Compulsive Behavior By Lynne Duke and DeNeen L. Brown Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, August 30, 2007

October 17, 2006 Politics Idaho Sen. Larry Craig Denies Allegations of Same-Sex Affairs By Jill Kuraitis NewWest "Rogers says that digging into the private lives of politicians who support anti-gay legislation is legitimate. Because Craig supported and voted for the Defense of Marriage act, it is politically relevant to reveal these claims, Rogers said."


By Rick in Rexburg
The problem with social conservatives is that they want to legislate what people can do in their private lives except their own. They should butt out (sorry Senator) of private citizens lives and adhere to libertarian principles that the government should get out of sex, drugs and censorship.
Larry Craig voted to repeal Habeus Corpus! One of the cornerstones of our constitution and Democracy. He is not a friend of individual liberties for gays,straights or anyone.
It is interesting that someone so focused on other people's civil liberties and private lives, has so many attacking his.

Aint Karma a b#*&@?


By Idahoan
If this was politically motivated, why wouldn't Rogers be outing someone who faces an election THIS year? Craig isn't up for re-election for two years.
And this isn't exactly "news," either. Rumors of Craig being gay have been around forever.
I agree: People's private lives ought to be off limits UNLESS they are public officials who actively vote against human rights and equality for everyone. And sadly, Craig fits that category.
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