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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Native American's & Iraq ~ A Reflection


The Chickasaw Nation Other tribes forced to relocate were the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole, called the "Five Civilized Tribes" because of their highly developed ruling systems.

It Was Never About Reconciliation The left Coaster by Steve Soto Friday August 24, 2007 "If the Bush Administration now admits that the surge never had anything to do with giving the Iraqi government breathing room for political reconciliation, but instead now is all about security, then:..."

Editorial- NYT
The Problem Isn’t Mr. Maliki
NYT August 24, 2007 "Blaming the prime minister of Iraq, rather than the president of the United States, for the spectacular failure of American policy, is cynical politics, pure and simple."

Iraq US pressure forces move to reconciliation The Guardian Monday August 27, 2007 Story Originally surfaced Sunday Reuters Yahoo... .Common Sense posted about it last night, with focus on the Oil Rights. End to Cabinet boycott not yet in play "Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence said last night that British forces have withdrawn from a base in Basra that they had shared with Iraqi police in the first phase of a plan to move all troops out of the city centre."

"The main comparisons drawn by others about the Iraqi peoples plight, thus far, have not found a permanent place in my way of thinking at all. I have had flickering memories of how the parallel reminds me of the plight of the Native people of this America. I never thought this land that I love, would be again, the purveyor of crimes against humanity, the persecutor after another culture of indigenous people, stealing precious resources that do not belong to them....but they -we- did and they -we- Iraq." by awakening

"Did somebody dig around in the historical archives, find those diaries of ideas, the diabolical ones mentioning population control...?"

Hurricane George - How the White House Drowned New Orleans By Greg Palast Published August 23rd, 2007 "That leaves the big, big question: WHY? Why on earth would the White House not tell the city to get the remaining folks out of there?"

Hurst: The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge The Rapid City Journal By Sam Hurst February 2007 "Having found no weapons of mass destruction, having turned the back alleys of Baghdad into an epicenter of terrorism, having popped the cork on a religious civil war, President Bush has reached deep into America’s psyche to conjure up one last justification for invasion that flatters our self-image. We invaded Iraq to overthrow tyranny and build a democracy.

Kucinich shares spiritual message with ‘Rez’ attendees By Louis Gray Native American Times 8/25/2007 "Kucinich also shared with the rest of the press that he is in favor of pulling out of Iraq immediately using the funds sent to the president along with bringing back all American equipment. He favors leaving an international force in place of American troops."

A Farce Those in government can travel the planet giving encouragement, financial support and kind words to others in other countries while the running festering wound that is the embarrassing relationship of the United States government to the Indian people continues to grow at home.

Reminding us of.....

the Trail of Tears
the Washita River
Kit Carson and the Long Walk to Bosque Redondo
Wounded Knee

Latest News Leonard Peltier Defense Committe 3800 N. Mesa St. Suite A2 El Paso, Texas 79902 "Message from Leonard Peltier - March 18, 2006 Third Anniversary of Iraq Invasion Sunday, March 19, 2006" AND "He grew into an activist and leader in the American Indian Movement but says he was 150 feet away from where two FBI agents died in a 1975 shootout, sparking the largest manhunt in U.S. history."

Case of Leonard Peltier by Jane Harbury Defense committee 1998 to 2003 US Prosecutor Lynn Cooks

Hold on, Christian soldiers American military and political officials must, at the very least, have the foresight not to promote crusade rhetoric in the midst of an already religion-tinged war. By Steve Benen Crooks and Liars Thursday, August 23, 2007

Let all that is Indian in you die! "where the Hand of God was eminently seen in thinning the Indians, to make room for the at other times pleased Almighty God to send unusual Sicknesses amongst them, as the Smallpox, etc., to lessen their Numbers...wrote John Archdale in 1707"

Native Americans enlist for turf and tribe Democratic Underground August 20, 2007

LEFT BEHIND – Thousands of Iraqis who helped the U.S. in Iraq as translators, office help and construction workers are now labeled collaborators by the insurgents. Many want to come to America because their lives are at risk, but they are having a hard time, reports Scott Pelley. David Gelber and Joel Bach are the producers.

(CBS) This segment was originally broadcast on March 11, 2006. It was updated on Aug. 15, 2007.

CBS News Left Behind Scott Pelley On The Plight Of Iraqis Who Helped The U.S. March 11, 2006 "As correspondent Scott Pelley reports, they’re finding that America, which was so eager for their help in the beginning, is not so eager to save them now."

Native Americans Resist South Dakota Abortion Ban "Tribal president Cecelia Fire Thunder is taking a stand." The Unknown Candidate Monday, April 10, 2006

Bush’s ‘perverse’ citations By Steve Benen Crooks and Liar's
“They [war supporters] keep on doing this,” said MIT professor John Dower. “They keep on hitting it and hitting it and hitting it and it’s always more and more implausible, strange and in a fantasy world. They’re desperately groping for a historical analogy, and their uses of history are really perverse.”
3 Paul Says: "It isn’t an issue of sloppiness. It’s an issue of intellectual dishonesty. And yes, they are really that dishonest." August 24th, 2007

The Randi Rhodes Show
Virginia Sen. Robert Warner wants to bring about 5000 troops an early Christmas present…a ticket home! Here is a portion of Warner’s press conference from yesterday.
Speaking of wondering where people are…the Taliban said that Osama bin Laden is extremely healthy and active.
Informed sources say the Bush Administration plans to attack IRAN.
Have A Great Weekend!

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