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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mafia View from ELUKO79


What a magnificent talent....! Panaramino 35W Bridge before the collapse (Mafia view)

From all over the world people share sympathy, shock and theory.....


Scorpio1031 said:
When I look at all the pictures of that bridge, one thing really sticks out,and that is its skinny structure. Well skinny structure or not, but for a bridge that are only 40 years (young), the people that designed it and the ones that approved it should at least be reprimanded, and the ones that is responsible for its maintenance and safety should surely be fired from this kind of work, they surely have proved themselves unworthy. But the people at the top, wich have continous had warnings since 1990 should definetly be removed from their chair, and I dont care what chair they are sitting in.!! This whole thing is utterly SHAMEFULL !!!!

down2earth said:
is this bizzare or what - I am a structural/civil engineer and just got my gmail account as Down2earth yesterday. Ive had 30 years designing buildings and bridges - it doesnt take much hidden corrosion at a critical joint location on the frame for all strength to be progressively and catastrophically lost - a bit like a person with a bad ankle arthritic situation -the load result is pain then fall. All our wishes are with those suffering from this tragic event. God Bless and comfort them
Posted August 1

Pat Dalager said:
this is heartbreaking, we had a span of our Paadre Is. bridge from Port Isabel fall into the ocean with cars speeding across it. Brings lot of questions but never the right answers.

From Luke, aka eluko79: "Just in case the folks at the MnDot forgot how to build a bridge. These are all 30 levels in the Bridge Building Game."

From Minnesota Stories Around town

Language used to insert 'Anyone' rather than a trained professional makes me leary.... I'm highly suspect of any phrases that read "at the pleasure of the Governor." from Can Minnesota Survive the Fanatic Neo Soldiers of Fortune Method? June 17, 2007 by awakening AND Soldiers of Fortune....Minnesota Renamed Friday, June 15, 2007 AND Minnesota Twin or Triplet...Or...Minndiana, MinFlorisota and Minnessippi.... Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thanks to Eluko79, for putting daily life into a visual prespective.

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