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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Minnesota Twin or Triplet...Or...Minndiana, MinFlorisota and Minnessippi....

Governor’s health bill veto moves Minnesota Backwards By State Senator Ann Lynch
Sen. Tomassoni: Pawlenty veto costs region millions in local government aid State Senator David J. Tomassoni


Oogles of Omens Truth Surfer Thursday June 14, 2007

State's unemployment higher than U.S. rate, first time since '76 MSN Money

Minnesota unemployment rate tops national jobless rate By JOSHUA FREED AP Business Writer Article Last Updated: 06/12/2007

Strib: Pawlenty attempting to Cheapskate State’s way to Greatness Published by Matt MNPublius

Someone mentioned the other day that McDonalds (quick food service industry) is listed under manufacturing...because hambugers are manufactured on an assembly line....that data went into the analysis of past years job growth??? Did we run out of the Low wage, no health care, under FTE jobs altogether???

In Ohio: In War On Poverty, Poverty Is Winning by OhioRebel Thu Jun 14, 2007

The layers of our Minnesota quality of life -- "Our best kept secrets we were always happy to share" are just about gone.

We are really beginning to look like other states, aping the twins and triplets of ?wrong thinking? or ?lack of vision? When it comes to the investment in all of our communities.

The ability to create one of the strongest safety nets seen anywhere. Thank you Governor Perpich, Governor Carlson and Governor Ventura! No one had this kind of caring safetynet structure made of logic, made with caring attentive bodies, built to protect us when we were down. Built to help the fall not be so hard and built from all tax paying citizenry.

This was a mindset of dedication, pride and practicality...our tax system. I'm actually very eager to contribute taxes when I know were they go. And knowing where my taxes went, it is what fueled my pride in Minnesota.

Our taxes were once used for good....our taxes were aimed at completing and maintaining a complicated mathematical formula that worked. It worked because the minds that developed it had logic and had vision.

We have lost that vision and now are at the cross roads of which state we want to forever be compared to...instead of being a leader in all things economically sound. Instead of being a courageous pioneer that created realistic balance, we have lost the formula.

Someone let it evaporate...into thin air in the last several years....Thanks to our Minnesota Government we have lost our unique identity, almost.

PS...When you STOP hearing about people (with little paychecks and big) heading to their cabin for the weekend...a trailor can be a cabin too....we will know there is no going back to all things Minnesota.

PSS...I am not trying to offend other states and do apologize if I did so. But unless you lived here in the 1980s and 1990s and saw the goodwill, the bustle of business being reborn, the knowing that there was always a way back, because everyone had an 'equal' stake through their tax dollar, you wouldn't understand. I am lucky that I moved to Minnesota and witnessed some of the greatest tangible ideas put into play in our State of Minnesota, that was a best kept secret. It didn't hurt a bit to contribute my taxes and it felt good contributing to something you believed in, something bigger than yourself.... you were giving back to all communities and it showed, the results WERE amazing. It WAS all of our state tax dollars at work!

DNC: Bush Administration Owes Apology Over Assault on Voting Rights WASHINGTON, June 1 PRNewswire - USNewswire
"The Bush Administration has systematically worked to undermine that right by politicizing essential federal voter protections, downplaying voter
suppression tactics, and promoting discriminatory voter ID laws that
disenfranchise American voters. The assault on voting rights is easily the
most disturbing and inexcusable example of the Bush Administration's
unbridled willingness to use the American government for the benefit of
narrow partisan interests."

Soldiers of Fortune....Minnesota Renamed ........


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