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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Going Under the Radar ~ The RNC Is Still Happily Fund Raising In Hastings Minnesota

Lack Of Donors Forces RNC To Lay Off Phone Workers By Logan Murphy on June 2nd, 2007 Crooks and Liars
"Sorry to disagree with the rumor as it is being reported....It just isn't that simple...FLS has had two big recruiting events here in the Twin Cities, that I know of. Last one in April I believe."

All of the latest welcomed employee's are nestled in Lil Ol' Hastings Minnesota.

Since I have not tracked the other cities the FLS lives in, I can't speak to their recruiting efforts.

The RNC as we know, doesn't necessarily have to depend on regular average donors anyway.

But one of their greatest strengths, is the ability to deceive the average citizen.

They may have laid off somebody, somewhere, but they most certainly have shifted their efforts to area's where people just might be desperate for a job, any job. I actually enjoyed telemarketing for a reputable company a long time ago.

Naw, that isn't why. They have shifted their efforts because maybe they have an entirely new strategy?

Effective deprivation of a thriving economic base that used to be one of the soundest in the nation. Thanks to our governors exclusive relationship with the RNC.

Any company tied to the RNC of today, may want to rethink that contract. Though there is a list of reasons why not to do business with the RNC, there is one reason finally moving to the top of the list......voter suppression, voter fraud, voter intimidation and voter exclusion.

I feel bad for the real (R), the true conservative.....the party needs your full time attention, in order to salvage any remnant of practical honest decency that may be left.

Is there a third party on the rise? Is there an 2008 Independent candidacy on the horizon?
The Congressional Over Sight Committee's have their antennas raising up, though slowly.

Remember the really, really rich Texan who flooded his money into Minnesota through attack ads during MN elections?

JobDig Minnesota Sales Telephone Representatives
Listing posted on Jan. 26, 2007
Listing expired on Feb. 3, 2007

Check us out:12181 Margo Ave S, 2nd Floor
Hastings, MN

FLS Connect
(One of Karl Roves favorite companies......)
Additional Opportunities with FLS-DCI
Telephone Representatives

FLS-DCI — Sales
Looking to make a difference NOW? Now hiring enthusiastic fundraising representatives for the republican party. Enjoy working in a fun and casual environment. Good verbal & reading skill are a M...

From Their Website.....Hastings, MN — Feb. 8, 2007
has raised money for hundreds of candidates, state and national party committees, and conservative organizations. At FLS we understand the value of rapid response times and the importance of crisp, seamless execution- our organization was built around the idea that we have we've been in your shoes. We have been state party, national committee and candidate staff members. We know what it takes to make your program a success- we've been there.

FLS is a client-focused organization that offers value-added services with emerging technologies in the political arena. We offer a complete service process, coordinating all aspects of fundraising programs including copywriting, graphic design, script development and testing, list management services, fulfillment mail design and preparation, print production of all mail materials, daily results and reporting, and fulfillment analysis.

FLS has the capacity to make over 40,000 fundraising calls from our own call centers in Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Hastings, MN; and Mankato, MN.

FLS has an ongoing commitment to training and development of all employees. Because our callers serve as the 'voice' of the client, we provide ongoing, custom training for each specific client. That means our staff is better equipped to raise money on your behalf because they know the political climate, and can represent your interests intelligently.

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