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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Greg Palast Says It's All About The 2008 Elections


The interview with Greg Palast, that I linked to on May 21, 2007, directed more than 700 people to my blog 'In One Day' Unprecedented for a little old baby blog like mine.

If one or two people visit every other day...thats pretty cool. Even better when someone stays to read something they found interesting.

But to have over 700 people visit in one day, that's a big deal, a huge deal actually. It just doesn't happen, even if I link to Washington Post article.

The total biggest volume of visitors in two days hit over 1000 in total number. All seeking information on Stolen Votes.

People are obviously hungry for information about stolen votes, suppressed votes and election fraud.

I thought at first, after a double check of my site meter (set to handle 100 visitors period) that I had been blog spammed.

If there was such a thing as blog spam, it hit me good. I waited a moment before going to check recent visitor paths and activity. I immediately saved some of the data, to keep for later.

The subject of stolen votes and elections, is something I have been searching for on the web for some time now. It wasn't until I stubbled over Greg Palasts article in April, after many, many searches, that I finally found something on stolen elections.

The MSM was void of any real information past or current and even the google blog searches that I did had such a small number of old posts, without links to articles or data.

When I viewed the pages of the visitors, from every State in our nation, I knew that I wasn't alone in my quest to find concrete information about election fraud and voter suppression.

There were visitors form all over the world, but it was the state by state clicker, who caught my attention and my breath mostly. People are concerned and people want answers.

Every public official I have seen on talk shows and stumping for President thus far have avoided this subject completely. I may have missed something out there in cable TV land, forget about network TV coverage.

C-SPAN still does the best job covering areas of public concern over all. Still, why no real focus on this matter by elected public officials?

House Judiciary Full Cmte. Hearing on the U.S. Attorneys Investigation - AM Session -- House Judiciary Full Cmte. Hearing on the U.S. Attorneys Investigation - PM Session

I don't consider myself a serious news junkie, however I do try to keep up with the current events. After my rant about Amy Klobuchar, which I held in for several days before posting, I think I will have to take a break from the daily political news for awhile.

I cannot tell you how upset I was when I learned that Senator Klobuchar cast a vote that went directly opposite of what I thought she said and meant when she was campaigning here in MN....."I'm running for U.S. Senate because I believe now more than ever we need real change and real leadership in Washington."
AND....Securing our Nation and Changing Course in Iraq "While I support the invasion of Afghanistan, I disagreed with the decision to invade Iraq. After three years, it has become obvious to those who favored the war and to those who opposed it that the Bush-Cheney administration was not truthful about the reasons they gave for invading Iraq, nor were they truthful about having a plan to secure the peace and protect our troops once we invaded."

Irag Civilian Body Count “Change the channel” - Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt's advice to Iraqis who see TV images of innocent civilians killed by coalition troops [NYT 12th April 2004]

The Huffington Post U.S. Deaths Near Grim Memorial Day Mark STEVEN R. HURST May 26, 2007

There is an interest from the American people, that our elections and our votes are cast and counted, all of them. Some talk show hosts have had on a few guests that try to describe the dilemma with types of electronic voting machines and the paperless problem. But no where have I heard a real discussion with public servants / officials discussing the catastrophe with election fraud, suppression or simply the throwing away and erasing of votes cast.

The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom May 24th, 2007 By Greg Palast

Are they going to steal the 2008 election? No, they’ve already stolen it May 18th, 2007 By Greg Palast

Don’t Fire Gonzales..Says Greg Palast and Here's Why Sunday April 29, 2007
1. Its all about the 2008 election.
2. Its not about Gonzales."

Stolen Votes ~ How Soldiers and Civilians Lost Their One Voice, Their One Vote... May 21, 2007

From What we know so far...Monica Goodling and Thomas Heffelfinger Thursday, May 24, 2007......Former U.S. Attorney Thomas Heffelfinger (Minnesota) was one of the U.S. Attorneys who appeared on Kyle Samson’s firing list. "If it’s true that people within the Department of Justice were critical of the amount of time I was spending on Indian issues, I’m outraged. … Are they telling me I spent too much time trying to improve public safety for Native Americans, who are victims of violent crime at a rate 2 ½ times the national population? If they are, then shame on them."

Snippet From Firedoglake Monica Goodling Testimony, Part VII By emptywheel

Keith Ellison (MN) Did you know (former MN State Attny) Thomas Heffelfinger. Any conversations about problems with his performance.

MG Concerns that he spent too much time on NAIS.

Ellison: Was there concerns about whether or not he was allowing NA tribe members to use tribal IDs to vote. Did anything about tribal IDs come up.

MG I don't remember.

Ellison Did you receive communication from SOS Kipmeyer

Ellison did you interview Joan [didn't catch the name] Do you recall she had a solid resume, had been practicing law for 15-16 years. She didn't get the job did she?

MG I did hear she was liberal.

Ellison Was that a factor in decision to bypass her.

MG It was a factor.

Ellison You hired Paulose. 4 AUSAs have quit because she's so inadequate.

MG They didn't resign,

Ellison They quit their leadership position, is that right. And went back to line positions. You know Paulose personally. She described you as a friend. How much time has gone by since you spoke to her.

MG March 07. Maybe the first week of March.

Ellison did you ask Jones-Humes about religious affiliation, party affiliation, Federalist Society? You bypassed a chief of civil and hired someone who had no experience right

[Another fight breaking out–Lundgren is trying to allow MG to filibuster]

Ellison: Did Rachel Paulose's political affiliation play a role. Did her religious affiliation play a role. Federalist Society? Never tried a case with a jury have a factor?

MG She had significant experience? As I recall Rachel's experience was some civil and criminal, we did include the fact that she might be a candidate for Presidential nomination.

Short recess will return for a second round of questioning.......
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