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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogger Anonymity....Yeah, What .Common Sense & Left Coaster Said....


Monday, May 14, 2007 Anonymity.....Yeah...What .COMMON Sense Said!

"It begins to look like the way to get into the pages of the Post is to "prove" that mainstream news is all anyone ever needs and that bloggers are scurilous blood sucking bed bugs."

What Some Notes on Anonymity Left Coaster said too!

"It’s so wrong there’s no way to put it into text, and I wish to holy Jesus “journalists” would wake up to the unholy havoc sick freaks sometimes inflict on bloggers."

Mr. Grubisich appears to be one who seemingly would never allow censorship of His he is paid that he made a CAREER out of. Sunshine for the Virtual Town Hall By Tom Grubisich Monday, May 14, 2007 Mr. Grubisich you are wrong.

The conversations on the blogs, forums and online newspapers today, if Anonymity were no longer allowed, would be extremely one sided. And meaningful dialogue would be vanquished along with the snippets of bad stuff unfortunately that comes with it.

The comments of the anonymous blogger is like the anonymous suggestion box, or the anonymous survey, even anonymously voting. It serves a social purpose when there are areas of concern that need to be resolved through airing and it serves a purpose educationally.

People learn through those that have experience and those with experience in life might never speak up in a public place. As odd as it sounds, even the closest persons in their life, may never know what that individual has gone through in their life time.

But the Internet journals and blogs open a door for that person to share with others 'Anonymously'. As democratic and practical as anonymity can be, there's always one individual who goes overboard....who lashes out or who, for what ever reason, cannot resist putting a really weird, radical or disgusting thought into words.

I can ignore those differently wired individuals as long as they stay glued to their computer and don't go roaming the streets for real victims.

I can ignore them on the internet, as long as I can stay anonymous, too.

By Awakening May 14, 2007
"If I couldn't blog that wouldn't be a big loss, but it would be a huge loss if all of the many, many others found themselves shackled with a mountain of unnecessary rules imposed by such an extremely illogical one. We would lose the best news reporting that I have ever witnessed, that I have ever read."

Crooks and Liars Friday, May 18th, 2007 Time for ABC, CBS to get with the program By Steve Benen
"Newspapers were a little slower than the blogs at recognizing the significance of what C had to say, but as Dahlia Lithwick noted, “It took a day, but the newspapers finally caught up to the bloggers.”
The Best Sources lead to Better Reporting......BLOGGERS Connect the Dots.......

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