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Monday, May 14, 2007

Yeah...What .COMMON Sense Said!


what does mainstream media write about???

Saturday :: May 19 2007 by paradox at the Left Coaster
Some Notes on Anonymity
"The first obvious, widely commented facet is that anonymity is an employment cloak."

Bill aka .COMMON Sense Posted 05-14-07
Dear Washington Post. You Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 Micro Persuasion Steve Rubel Bloggers and the Church-State Wall

What if we were required to show ourselves in order to blog? I guess my blog would be severely limited. My topics would still be free to choose, but my content matter would be largely curtailed. Blogging let's me be myself through writing and graphics, in a way I would never be out side of home.

I can't talk about some of the things I write about because people close to me and at work are not people whom I could converse freely with about such subjects. Plus it would be too inappropriate and too uncomfortable for me and for those I care about, to pour my thoughts, my opinions, over their heads.

Blogging, anonymously, gives me a chance to be free with my thoughts. On second thought I would have to give up on blogging all together if I were made to reveal myself.

By the way, don't many writers use a pseudonym and get paid for it? I don't care to get paid at all, not that I have anything worth money. Plus the rules that bloggers blog under are enough to allow lot's of creative expression, as long as some of us can maintain our anonymity.

I just plainly don't tell anyone that I know that I am a baby blogger. I've mentioned that I do find blogs invaluable sources of information, all sorts of stuff that I can't seem to run across on mainstream media...local or national.

Only a very few in my family know this about me and I don't expect them to read it, it's my hobby not theirs. The blog world is something that I enjoy connecting with, no one else in my family enjoys reading the blog's like I do.

If I couldn't blog that wouldn't be a big loss, but it would be a huge loss if all of the many, many others found themselves shackled with a mountain of unnecessary rules imposed by such an extremely illogical one. We would lose the best news reporting that I have ever witnessed, that I have ever read.

.Common Sense says it best, Through freedom of blogging!

do they hear the public concern at all???

Saturday, May 19, 2007 Anonymity Awakening
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