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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dump Michele Bachmann Sheds Light On MN GOP Chair for Senate District 51...A Racist & Sexist One....


UPDATE.....DMB Does It Again!.....Cares Enough To Shed Light On.... Andy Aplikowski Interview Transcript........
Per Request: Full Text of Racist Interview by Michele Bachmann Supporter May 08, 2007 Minnesota Monitor By Jeff Fecke

05.11.07 "As for the constant whining from the right that the troops are being demoralized, I would think that the guys actually serving would be getting pretty sick and tired of hacks like Andy and Mitch Berg speaking for them. It’s called projection. The wingnuts feel demoralized, outnumbered and under attack Good. They should feel that way but don’t drag the troops serving in Iraq into your pity party."

May 9, 2007 - I read this on MNpublius this morning, published by Zack. The Republican even takes a shot at Hillary there's some sexism as well. The rants are extremely nasty. He said some pretty awful things out loud, to the press, in this day and age? Well, Mr. Apilkowski will have to be held accountable for his public outbursts, by his Colleagues and Constituents. It is however, a good thing that his true colors (flying in the flag of Fear Mongering) hit the light of day. I will have to visit DMB and see what they have to say about this tax paid public (hmm hmm) official.

"Republican blogger, close friend of Mark Kennedy’s campaign, and current MN GOP Chair for Senate District 51 - went on a stunning racist tirade in a recent Minnesota Monitor interview."

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