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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Walk a Day in My Shoes


The Campaign That’s what “Walk a Day in My Shoes” is all about. It’s about making sure politicians truly know what the real world is like for the rest of us.

“Walk a Day in My Shoes”

“Americans today are working harder and longer with less to show for it,” said Stern.

Because if presidential candidates understand the struggles workers face each day, they will be better able to offer the 21st century solutions this country needs.

  • Child Care Provider Madie Green Interviews Sen. Barack Obama

  • Gingrich and Hagel Meet with SEIU Members

  • Presidential Candidate John Edwards Walks In the Shoes of an SEIU Member

  • Clinton, Dodd, Richardson, Biden, and Obama Will "Walk a Day" in a Member's Shoes

  • Richardson, Clinton, Biden, Dodd, Edwards, and Obama Support SEIU Nurses in Dubuque, Iowa

  • Tell the Candidates What It's Like In Your Shoes

  • First Presidential Forum on Health Care

  • Edwards Meets SEIU Members in Seattle and Denver

    SEIU - Service Employees International Union

    How Can a Union Help?
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