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Monday, April 30, 2007

Laugh Lines

Photograph By Arcterex

The ArcterJournal Funny Stuff

Thu, Apr. 26, 2007 Star By JOAN MORRIS Contra Costa Times 'The Office' is funny if it isn't ours .......Here are some of the strange and annoying coworkers you might run into in your workplace, along with our fondest dreams for a little justice.

Out of the five crimes listed I made up a new one...The 'Cheer and Laughter' talker crime...they forgot about the cheery and laughing talking coworker.

I never talk personal delicate stuff, but I tend to get caught up in the successes of my clients, get excited for them, my voice lifts and my laughter fills my cube. Because it fills other areas equally, I get in trouble at times.

I must be imagining things when I hear the same level of laughter and talking from those that complain about me. Human service life is a serious business and it needs some fun when it is appropriate. I sincerely get caught up in my clients good times and bad times.

So, even though I am not a 'Loud talker' who shares intimate details of their life, I do have real conversations with my client. As if we were sitting in a cafe or a park. We talk, talk and talk. It tends to help the person I'm working with, to talk things out.

Its gotta be my natural personality, something I have tried to tone down but haven't achieved the tone that would satisfy the few other's around me. I am very courteous to my coworkers and my clients at every turn, coming from the teachings of etiquette thanks to my Mom.

I don't bring smelly food into my cube, I don't stand by someone else's space and group talk or do a drive by yell to someone on the other end of our very large office. I am often very cheery and I like to small talk with coworkers throughout the day when I am on site.

When I get tired out from long days of meetings, on and off site, paperwork and deadlines, I tend to cocoon for a little while. Once my energy level gets back up there, that is when my talk and laughter cause a few other staff to complain.

The staff who tend to complain also tend to be the type of personalities who play with other coworkers, out loud. I actually smile sometimes when they are kidding back and forth over their cubes because the joke was funny.

I've tried reserving a room for meetings, but that only works when you don't need teaching the computer. So alas, I have committed a 6th crime not listed in the article -- the crime of 'Cheer and laughter.' And maybe a 7th one, the crime of being 'Control Freak Free.'

If there were tickets for this crime, I'd have millions......LOL - LOL - LOL

.......our office moved recently (Again!!!) and merged with many other agencies of unknown acquaintance, the reason for the new challenge to find common ground amongst each other. we were never brought together to be introduced, still yet to happen. so many of us do this one person at a time. a wonderful study in how well we will do in the end, to resolve all of our petty differences. maybe we're all a bit manic from the moving, the merging and the having to deal with many things that weren't in place when we were moved and stuff still not in place since we moved. without structure and a stable foundation, people, especially social types, react differently to daily stressors. here's hoping the balance comes soon!

April 29, 2007 Chicago Tribune By William Hageman Tribune staff reporter
If all else fails, try a funny voice

Digg Saudis hold Miss Camel beauty contest

Long legs, big eyes and curves in, er, all the right places? With women unable to partake in beauty contests, Saudis are parading Camels to decide which is the best looking beast.

Sunday, Apr 29, 2007 Richmond Tribune By MELISSA RUGGIERI
TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER "The Daily Show," Stewart is engaging, funny "They had interesting questions," he said of his classmates.'What do you do on Christmas?' 'Uh . . . sleep late?'"

April 27, 2007 Livingston Daily Press & Argus Aiming for the funny bone: Comedians compete in contest's semifinals - with video
Second semifinals in the HERO of Comedy contest took to the stage. The eight finalists will hit the stage June 16 during the festival, with the winners receiving cash prizes.

4/26/07 The Daily Free Press Funny, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha
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