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Saturday, April 28, 2007



Did I believe, ever, that we in this country would be caught in a religious war?

When I was younger, I didn't believe it could happen here. But in the last few years that assumption has dissolved. Years ago I'd hear news report about Israel, Ireland, the United Kingdom or see tape on a bombing that occurred in some other country's city and thought what is wrong that they can't resolve their differences?

I remember the charred bombed buildings in Paris in the early 1980s, in the Jewish section of town and I was surprised that people were going about their business as if nothing happened only a few days afterward. I will never know if that bombing was a hateful act directed at the people who personally lived in the section known as the Jewish section because they were Jewish or if it was a hateful political statement because the people were connected by a culture linked to a country called Israel.

After all the years that have past and the lessons learned, why can't the solution for peace surface. I used to think that it was all up to them -- the country -- to figure it out, to find a peaceful solution. But then I learned more about the United Nations. The forum for a conscientious humanitarian world effort.

Did the United Nations become alarmed by what they observed from us? Are they concerned by this administration at all? Are they trying to help this nation get back on the right track, behind the scenes?

Did the one with the most power twist the opposing groups mantra in the press and media? Could they have minimized the real truth and most of all, did the 'power' want more power by any means necessary? When the power side turns the opposer into a subhuman species, the power side seems to emit a verbal pitch ranging between afraid and paranoid, accompanied by fear mongering instruments at every opportune moment. While the opposing side, if access to air time, always seems a lot calmer and clear headed. Why is that I wonder?

There was a movie I watched a long time ago, about South Africa families during the apartheid, it may have been a made for TV movie. The essence of the movie showed how frightened the white South African land owner was during the apartheid. Their fear was aimed at the black South African, who they believed would go in their home at night and kill them when they slept.

The injustices and criminal acts done to the black South African decades over gave rise to protests and riots. People from all over the world, activists, would go to help the people under apartheid, help them organize. There were boycotts of American made products when it was learned they were selling to South Africa under the apartheid. Nelson Mandela was a living hero to many. This movie tried to show diversity, unity, friendship and life under apartheid. But it also showed what people act like when they fear what they can't see and what they knew was that there was an impoverished abused oppressed people who happened to be black.

The news reports used to magnify the good side, the ones that were picked as the good guy's and then the reports would magnify the bad side, the one's that were picked as the bad guy's. There was no middle, no debate, no Internet. The mainstream media has been doing the good guy, bad guy skit for about 7 years now, especially after September 11, 2001.

When the clash of cultures erupts it must have come about because of the one that sat on the marble pedestal. The powerful one sitting on the marble pedestal decided that any opposing views meant less than equal, it meant being called a terrorist.

Today it isn't another country where citizens are being threatened if they don't agree, it is us. It is what the current administration and their supporters have said over the airwaves, to U.S. citizens that don't agree with them. If we are not for them then we are with the terrorists, essentially calling all American citizens who oppose this administration "terrorists." Not once, not twice, but many times over and over.

The one sitting on the marble pedestal would be least likely to allow diplomacy when they absolutely loath the opposing view. I always thought Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright two extraordinary peacemakers who found a way to bring peace talks to the table. We may need a Henry and a Madeleine to help the United States from within, before the 2008 elections roll around. Something called a Constitutional Crises may ripple and quake the American people into mega massive street protests.

If the invasion of Iraq is about oil, then the blatant disregard and senseless destruction of the Iraqi people and their culture could be about what the fanatic Christian Right want. For starters to be sure. Thus far the Christian Right fatalists have not faltered or failed in their embrace of the most despicable of human flaws. The stuff that peaceful, thoughtful and intelligent nations and societies reject. Nations like Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

If Iraq survives what we have done to it, we -- who never support military force and/or we who realize the invasion was a criminal act, will have to look to the Iraqi people, as a testament and a guide as to how we will protect ourselves from our own home grown political religious radicals. Shame on us for still being where we have no business being and shame on any public official who allows funding for continued crimes against Iraqi humanity.

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