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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Democratic Debate More Like Mini Doughnuts at the County Fair


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Friday, April 27, 2007 Washington Post Democratic Hopefuls Show Political Heft By David Broder Staff Writer

Watching the Democratic Candidates Thursday was very, very satisfying. I missed the first 21 minutes. As I raced in the door from work, running to the patio door to let my four legged babies outside after being cooped up all day, I whisked around and flipped on the TV and upped the volume. I ran upstairs to turn on the living room TV and I rushed to the kitchen to heat up water for my cup of tea and make the puppies their dinner.

I listened to the candidates as I opened the deck door, to listen for the "hello" yelps and the "hey, who in the hell are you?" barks of my girl and boy. They like to greet everyone walking by, especially the other four legged neighbor's. As they frantically ran around the yard getting sniffs of the rabbits, squirrels and ducks, I happily turned my left year to the TV. After the debate I just felt good.

I laughed at Senator Gravel's potted plant remark and I leaned forward, way forward when Hillary spoke. I actually found myself nodding when many of the candidates spoke. There were a few statements made that I do not agree with. There was not enough talk about diplomatic strategy and working wiith the United Nations. So, the debate has given pause. Pause as to who I will ultimately vote for.

Where was the question about New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? What happened to the question about cutting war funding...put to all candidates? And what about the obvious destruction of our nations infrastructure, election fraud and the attack on public education with so many schools closing? Gasoline costs, financial debt and all of the foreclosures....lay offs and homelessness? Not enough time?

Let's have another one of those debate thingy's, so harder questions can be put to the candidates.....lets give 'em other topic questions being talked about on the street corner, in the barber shop and at the senior center. I like the format that was chosen though. I honestly thought of how much it reminded me of a county fair atmosphere and I honestly thought of mini doughnuts and how much I really enjoy the feeling of going to a fair.

You know, that full satisfying feeling you get when you head home, but can't wait till its time to go back. That's the feeling! The debate was meaningful, respectful and entertaining. It was very gratifying to see politicians acting civil, mannerly, polite and funny. Not just polite, but nice! Not funny mean, but sincere humor. Still getting their point across, yet there was a passionate undertone of belief, integrity and common sense.

Plain talk, talking real and really talking! Agreeing to disagree...truthfully! I loved the whole thing. So, if a candidate or a candidates staff just happen by this blog, please this again and again. It was fun! It made me feel motivated, hopeful and oddly it made me crave mini doughnuts from the county fair!

Oh, PS....Republicans - GOP candidates, think toast!!!

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