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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thomas Paine's Corner Stands Up To A Bully...a Big Bully

Saturday, April 28, 2007 Spoken like a true American

Saturday, April 28, Thomas Paine's Corner By Paul Levy 2007

Thomas Paine's Corner is one of my very favorite blogs, a journal really. It truly encompasses a pulse, a rapid pulse of what many are thinking and feeling. The written word that grabs one, inspires thought, sparks a feeling...that's an artist.
The person behind the written word has a talent that goes beyond mere words, they have the ability to paint a picture with a phrase, a statement or a powerful one liner. Thomas Paine's Corner speaks from the heart and the mind with an eye towards the world at large. The original writings are destined for a book or books. Maybe books have already been written and I haven't discovered this yet. It isn't in my nature to only read things that I agree with, it is in my nature to give thanks when I am grateful that someone can express in words what I cannot. Thank you Thomas Paine's Corner.
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