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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Radical Christian Right Fear Mongering -VS- Real Conservative's


Monday, May 14, 2007
Could Michele Bachmann be One of 'Those in the Know?'

Bush met with Dobson and ?conservative? Christian leaders to rally support for Iran policy

Max Blumenthal
The Raw Story -- Bush met with Dobson....

The best fear mongering to date, Almost...

Dobson continued, “Some of our listeners might not like that but I tell you, if we didn't stand up to Hitler, we'd be speaking German today.”

I can fear monger too...

"If we don't stand up to the radical Christian Right we 'Will' be speaking in radical raptured tongue. Their place in American society is not one of 'public' leadership. Separation of church and state is paramount."

A sea of Crosses twisted into odd shapes stuck on the back car windows and no where in sight, would there be seen an old green and white bumper sticker saying "Paul Wellstone for the Senate."

Herds of women and children running like gazelles on the African plains, on the American plains.

Small business would suspiciously have the same glass ceilings as big business, minimum wage replaced with micro wage scales.

And the American farmer would have a monument made for them with fabricated proverbs that morn its passing.

Voting would surely be one sided only, no vote, no make sure the votes were fair?

Only the radical 'reborn' could hold public office of any kind and public schools would morph into Republic schools.

Imagine that our America would become their Raptured America?

Mr. Dobbson and his followers are extremists and I don't want extremists to tell me what to fear.

My Secret Diary Fears.....

Dear Diary,

Economics, I fear corporate greed.

Flying, I fear negligent training of airplane mechanics.

Grocery shopping, I fear FDA failures.

Traveling, I fear the rising gas prices.

Voting, I fear defective equipment.

Natural disaster, I fear FEMA.

Home, I fear foreclosure.

Lay off, I fear homelessness.

Global warming, I fear corporate greed.

War, I fear the U.S. won't stop at Iraq.

Living, I fear enough to fight the radical GOP extremists!

Am I a "Sheehanista" In Training?

Contextual Criticism -- Anson is a Writer, poet, critic ---
Throw the Bible Away?
Words from Anson.........
"I’m gradually coming to the conclusion that the best thing for this country and the world would be to do away with the bible." A commentary on religion--its various forms, bases for existence, creedal formulations, leaders, and impact on the world. Special attention is given to the influence of religion in the United States.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 Micro Persuasion Steve Rubel Bloggers and the Church-State Wall
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