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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Electronic Voting ~ The Answer To Imperialism


One voice, one vote? Wrap your mind around that!

There are more Democrats, Independents, Reformers, Greens, Libertarians and the democracy driven like minded, than all faux republicans (pretenders) combined.

Then hug this thought...If 5000 honest votes were targeted to be stolen, erased, vanquished and / or converted, then 6000 honest votes, not 5000 votes, would be needed to undo the initial dirty little deed. 1000 additional honest votes would be accurately identified and counted towards the official number of honest votes to be officially and fairly recorded.

If 500,000 honest votes are targeted to be ignored, changed or lost, then 600,000 honest votes would be needed to insert balance back into the election. 100,000 additional honest votes would be accurately identified and fairly counted.

When said aloud, it makes the gut turn, the mind grimace, and the brows furrow. Meaning, if ones mind and heart intertwine in thoughtful integrity, principled by unselfish humane teachings and is cognitively conscientious to right and wrong; then the idea of my having to anticipate voter fraud means having to recognize that there are untrusting fellow citizens and public officials near by. That said, it just doesn't sit well with the crowd that believes there are more good people than not so good, that good always wins and honesty is the best policy.

If the system is corrupt, then the people who run it must be corrupt too? How would we know who is honest and who isn't? Can't we just hope that the honest will prevail? Are we 'all' willing to donate a little time to learn how to spot voter fraud? I'm still not sure If I want to learn how to spot voter fraud.

I just want to cast my vote and go about my daily normal life. But then I think about the life I would have, if all my rights were stripped bare? Rights that were marched for, starved for and died for. Rights that came out of the Civil War, Womens Suffrage and the Civil Rights Movement.

Voter confusion can be just as damaging as voter intimidation. I knew of a young man who was turned away at the polls. He was not allowed to vote at the place he thought he could go. Even though his sister (a first time voter) was with him and could vouch for him, along with his drivers license as proof, he was told that he could not vote at that particular school precinct. This would have been his first time voting, like his sister.

The young man had not anticipated that his move a few days shy of election day, within the same county, would stop him from casting his first vote. Instead, he would have to travel to another polling place in his new resident district, to cast his first vote. He didn't know the area well enough to comfortably locate the new polling place in the dark evening hours. And after working a long day as an apprentice, worn out by then, he did not vote that chilly November 2004.

I wonder if there was something that the election volunteers of the Anoka County 6th district could've done under the circumstances? Something to help this young man register and cast his very first vote. So, here's to hoping that the next young eager person gets better options.

The right to vote, is the right to vote. The expectations of reasonable accommodations, sensible access to voting, smart voter assistance, fair elections, accurate counts and truthful outcomes; seems to be lost to a scattering of 'little shop of horrors' filled with the political elite wanna be segment of our American population. This segment seem to exhibit tightly coiled personalities or they border on the edge of very rude neuroticism.

If not for the air waves of my favorite radio station Air America, I would never have thought beyond my one vote - one voice that there was anything else that could help to tip the scales in favor of a fair election come November 2006 and 2008. I was still willing to try to cast my lone little vote, even though I recently picked up on the depressing talk about the need for a paper trail (which was always needed) and that more trained volunteers were needed to watch for voter fraud.

I know some people have been completely turned off and will refuse to go to the polls, in a lost silent protest. I now have a mega-motivator much more valuable then just casting my vote, to propel me towards my neighborhood poll. I wish I could give credit to the one that explained this plausible theory of massive citizenship action. But I can't remember which radio show I heard it described on. Who ever it was, I am eternally grateful.

It makes sense. It's a particularly interesting approach to casting ones ballot this year. Even if my vote is sacrificed, another's may actually get counted. Another's vote that means equality, justice and democracy. If the voice of anti-democracy or anti-equality is counted, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that at least two votes made it through to build the odds - fairly - in favor of an honest election outcome.

Even though the elections will be plagued by doubt of those citizens most yearning for fair and honest elections, it will be the absent voter that will yell loudest over the injustice of it all. I truly hope the yelling I hear this time, is from the rightfully elected winner. The yell for voter justice is about 'We' the people.

Any voter, anywhere, may have faced a myriad of voter / election problems already or might face it this year, for the first time. Some people have already made up their minds and have given up plans to go to the polls. Worry of functionality - wide spread power outages or personality - wide spread power mongering?

Basically, the touch screen paperless voting machines, costing billions of dollars of tax payer money, was not well thought out when purchased by public officials. I believe many citizens wondered how the integrity of any election could be maintained without a paper trail. The 'others' most likely pondered years prior as to how to utilize the paperless machines to the best advantage of party, not to the benefit of country.

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