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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Utah Senator Bob Bennett ~ Going Through New Orleans

Go to The Salt Lake Tribune to read the story about how Senator Bennett feels about the state of New Orleans almost 1 year later. Women of the Storm are still working behind the public scenes to pop the bubble that Capital Hill lives in, to get them to New Orleans. Still having to chase down Unites States Senators and House Representatives to visit an area of America that suffered horrific devastation? The story gives a clear snapshot of what Ms. Gladney and her family went through on that fateful day and the story writes about many of the current happenings and efforts of this beloved city and its people.

Click on the National Council of Jewish Women site, connect to a pre-written letter to send to lawmakers. The site will send the letter or down load and mail out. It bounces back the names of your top lawmakers that have not made the official trip to witness the aftermath. In order to effectively govern, make state and national decisions and out of deep humane respect, their visit is completely warranted. What happens in the Gulf Coast, does affect the nation, on many levels. Women of the Storm still have much work to do in getting all lawmakers to the Gulf Coast - New Olreans.

Also go to WWLTV to read about Senator Bennett, Utah and Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, recent visit to New Orleans and the 9th Ward. The 9th Ward had an estimated 70% home ownership in good working class neighborhoods. Those individuals are fighting to keep what they believed in earnest, belonged to them.

Minnesota's top voices remains silent in the Gulf Coast....

Senator Mark Dayton

Representative Mark Kennedy

Senator Norm Coleman

Urge Lawmakers to Visit New Orleans and Advance Katrina Recovery
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