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Saturday, July 08, 2006

In One Breath "Minnesota Helped Pass the Social Buck To The Get Richer"

Link to The Washington Post to read 'An Uphill Opportunity For the GOP,' by David Broder....

If not Governor Pawlenty, it would have been some other eager party pledge for the GOP, to take the title of Minnesota Governor. If Governor Ventura had run again, the DFL candidate still would not have made it to the Governors mansion, but I like to believe that Governor Ventura would have won. If only we had known what we now know.

The fact is, Governor Ventura and Governor Carlson are the facts that the Minnesota DFL have to face and remember. Not because we who voted were anti-Democratic. It was simply because they had the thread of commonality with the common folk. A Dfl House and Senate did the people proud, collectively along with real Conservatives, collectively. Real Conservatives, not the pretending to be and are really something else from a different era. Use your imagination.

How Tim Pawlenty went from a senate to a governor campaign platform and then voted in, is a huge cue to all other parties. Representative Mark Kennedy is another example of party before overall state health. Changing a websites face doesn't change the memories of the constituents.

Luckily Mike Hatch has that quality of common folk, everyday, with anyone and yet, he can speak politiceeze when necessary. He can spar with the best of them, on honest forth right terms. There hasn't been a time since in the AG office, that his walk and talk didn't match. Cross referenced, cross checked and matched.

Doesn't matter his gender, age, culture or party, Mike Hatch is the mainstream steady even public official, for any storm that comes Minnesota's way or the one brewing in the halls of the capital. Boy, are we going to need steady, calm, rational and tough in order to undo the damage to the proud foundation that Minnesota once had.

When I hear phrases that elevate the party name before the agenda, out of the mouth of an incoming public official, especially one that doesn't seem to equate into equality for the masses, I pretty much have to resign myself to my own world. Which is what it seems I have been forced to do most of the new millennium. Although, I had been hopeful a few times, until action and no-action spoke louder than the actual words spoken.

There isn't anything that is going to get me on a platform of fanaticism or fear; not $100.00 for gas, not immigration prejudice, not religious fury, not terrorist threats, not any foreign activity really, not listening to American phone calls or reading American emails, not using and targeting American news media, not keeping American troops occupied away, not systematic destruction of choice and freedom. I can't think of anything that would get me on that platform. My buttons have all been pressed and I'm still not in a fanatic fury or an obsessive fear monger. Something must be wrong with me?

I will never forget my visit to Paris in the 1980's. A few days before, the Jewish section had been bombed by terrorists. Funny weird, we didn't use the name "terrorist" at the time. I don't recall that we even discussed the who, rather how it looked afterward. The people were so calm, so reserved, that it conveyed a reason for normal and I didn't once fear for my own safety. Actually, this section of the city had survived many bombings and yet the people went about their day and did their business.

No one tried to stop my small group and myself from going to the shops and there were no visible security officers checking us. At least not that we noticed. We had no idea anything had happened until we had already traveled to the neighborhood. If someone had given me a choice, I wouldn't have gone. Standing there, on the sidewalk, my eyes scanned the blackened bricks of the most recent incident and my nose caught the scent of burnt mixed with the aroma of foods that floated through the air, I felt strange, but not afraid. A sadness so deep, but not pity.

The residents around us acted as though it was expected, as though they expected tourists. That stoic resolve, that reserve, is what I carried home with me. We all live in our own little world, if it suits us we'll stay and if it doesn't we'll leave it. But when we are there, in our world, time is too precious to waste a minute on anything other than sharing our good world with one another. We will have that again.

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