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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dial 211 For 1st Call for Help ~ United Way

Just like '411' without the charge for the call. Persons across America can get information about almost everything; a service, program or an agency.

From help with mowing the lawn, senior services to child care services, emergency assistance to any immediate need - yours or someone else.

Do you need specific clothing or footwear for a job? A new suit for a new job or children clothing services. How about food programs, some are farmer / wholesaler partnerships at a huge reduction in cost. A package of $35.00 to $40.00 worth of groceries for the cost of $15.00 can stretch the dollars for other needs, even while working. Choose all meat packages (no name meat) from wholesaler or mixed with produce and other items.

Maybe you need help with home repair or car repair. Find services that can help with language or cultural needs. Assistance with prescription costs, health insurance, medical care or animal care. Trying to save your house from foreclosure, prevent eviction or keep utilities on?

Call 211. Women, men, teen and infant help. Non-religious, Non-denominational or denominational services. Nonprofit or private sector grants and programs. Everything from A through Z, in your area.

United Way introduced the universal dial code a few years back, to help connect with all areas of community need or want. Not all areas may have the number in operation yet. If you don't have the number activated in your area, you can call your local United Way for the local Information and Referral number. If you go on line to check their website and you don't see what you're looking for, please call them no matter what. That information may not be categorized the way you think or may not be updated. The United Way database, here in Minnesota, is updated once a month.

Getting you to the people and the service you thought you would never need or that you knew you needed but didn't know where to go to get answers or help.

United Way is very active, very diverse and very multi-faceted in Minnesota and is another best kept secret with all they do in every community. Here's hoping that yours is too. All our tax dollars and donations contribute to a better today for another's tomorrow, that next person could be you.. Wishing you the best in your search for help.
Reminder: Cell Phones and some network telephone systems cannot access 211...

Brookings Institute - Honest Marketing to the Low Income

Affordable public housing is for ANYONE who is eligible under the current rules...
$5.15 an hour adds up to $206.00 weekly without taxes taken out and around $10,712.00 annually without taxes taken. If benefits are available (most often they are not) then a working person would also pay the same price for all of the same basic needs that others do....They can't, it is impossible. The disparity begins with the federal minimum wage, in the United States. Some states are doing the right thing by their workers with higher starting wages, but a higher cost of living still cancels out a living wage through out this country of mine. The argument to keep the wage suppressed is baseless, it is the same argument used when the ADA was going into effect in the early 1990's. Certain business leaders, who also dabbled in politics whined the loudest and the longest. They are still doing business. Wink...

"What, exactly, is "affordable housing"? The Mayors Regional Housing Task Force, in a 2000 publication entitled Affordable Housing for the Region, defines affordable housing as "the availability of quality housing and dignified living conditions" for all segments of the population. Affordable Housing for the Region says that the economic health of the region depends on the construction of affordable housing."


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