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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Congressman Jefferson

Congressman Jefferson and Atiku Abubakar, the Vice President of Nigeria, have diplomatic ties. A polite relationship, built on diplomatic courtesy. Both seem to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, for the right reason? Time will tell soon.

July 24, 2006 - The Times Picayunes Frank Donze writes about New Orleans Congressman Jeffersons political wellness and paints a picture of how bystanders are positioned with polite poise.
The Congressman deserves the private respect of all of his colleagues and the public support of his party. Unless they know something we don't. The honorably elected Senior New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson is lawful until charged otherwise and innocent until proven guilty.

July 22, 2006 - Washington Post

July 20. 2006 - New York Times

July 20, 2006 - Yahoo - Associated Press

7/6/2006 - Link to The Times Picayune to read....New Orleans ~ Rep. William Jefferson Hires Power House Janet Smith

For other stories go to Rep. Jeffersons Editorial and Never Was A Gift Basket

Update June 12, 2006 - Commentary by Debra Mathis from the Black American Web....

6/10/2006 - New Orleans Representative Jeffersons Editorial Makes Sense...

Connect the smelly 'agenda' dots and it will surely lead away from Rep. Jefferson.

There are many reasons that the Democrats as a whole should support Rep. Jefferson and strongly encircle him, at this time. One main reason being, he has not been officially charged, officially indicted, nor officially sentenced....By law enforcement, a court, or a jury.

The 'needed' focus seems to be gummed up inside the bubble that the Senate and the House live in. There are not enough Democratic, nor Republican elected public officials on capital hill, that live in touch with the real world.

If they were in touch, we certainly would be watching a whole other scenario with a cascade of issues and matters before us. Presumption of innocence, till proven guilty - in a court of law, The swat sting attack was not just aimed at Rep. Jefferson, it was an attack on the very heart of our democracy....First raided office on Capital Hill in 219 years. Who just happens to be from devastated New Orleans and knows the lay of the land inside and out.

By asking Rep. Jefferson to give up his seat in a very powerful committee, one that he worked hard to obtain, even if temporarily, makes the Democrats (again) look pretty bad. I thought it was only the political and religious fanatics that ate their own.

What are we coming to when it is the long time party of passionate humanitarians, principled justice, common sensibility, civic practicality, thoughtful honor, social and military consciousness, average citizen friendly, environmental visionaries and diverse unity, when the meaning of the party has completely lost its self. What has the Democratic party become???

Read The Times Picayune Editorial...

Go to The Washington Post story by David Espo - Pelosi Trying to Taketh Away...

Update 6/7/2006 - Amsterdam News The One and Only....

Update 6/6/2006 - The Times Picayune Wanting 50% of the Cake and Eating It Too....

Link...To The Times Picayune to read....Attempting to Pick the Truth....

Founding Fathers....Consider the First Source and the Meaning....

A Resigned Editorial from West Virginia.....The Washington Post

The Washington Post ~ New Orleans Rep. Jeffersons business of family....

6/1/2006 - New Orleans Mayor is set to take the oath of office today. The historical mayoral campaigns achieved many positives in that it was the people who spoke and the people who will benefit from re-electing their mayor. Mayor Nagin has a strong list of proactive initiatives and accomplishments dating back to 2002, when first elected. Absolutely a maverick, absolutely an honest person and absolutely dedicated to the people and the city of New Orleans, with a vision that includes everyone.

Governor and Senator will speak at the inaugural event today...."Besides Landrieu, the inaugural program will feature four other speakers: Donald Powell, the Gulf Coast hurricane recovery chief appointed by President Bush, U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, who endorsed Nagin, the Rev. Jesse Jackson; and businessman Cedric Smith, Nagin's brother-in-law."
Link to T-P

5/30/2006 The Washington Post.....Hearing on the Hill - Look Between the Lines.....another Red Herring....Hmmm?

Go to The Washington Post article.....

Update 5/28/2006 - The Washington Post Story Tipping Point...

What LOOKS bad for Rep. Jefferson

The Times Picayune...also makes note about the federal raid on the Nigerian Vice President and an editorial siting how Sen. Vitter

The Magistrates Decision

The Business of Deal Making

Is Re-Districting Taking Place?

The Aspiring Young Rep. Jefferson

The 1999 Nigerian Dot

5/25/2006 - The Times Picayune

5/25/2006 - The Washington Post - Constitutional Angina

5/25/2006 - The Times Picayune

5/25/2006 - Two Hundred and Nineteen Years

May 24, 2006 ...Ace Up the Sleeve.....

5/24/2006 - The Justice Department rushed to ransack the congressmens' office - First Time Ever Happened - and raided his home, removed sensitive documents and won't give them back, yet. Just my observation, but aside from witnessing other (recent) political step downs, what is critically wrong with this picture? There is a bigger message in how the sting operation was executed....more to to The Washington Post for the story on this interesting new Capital Hell drama....
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