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Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Orleans Representative Jeffersons Editorial Makes Sense...

Connect the smelly 'agenda' dots and it will surely lead away from Rep. Jefferson.

There are many reasons that the Democrats as a whole should support Rep. Jefferson and strongly encircle him, at this time. One main reason being, he has not been officially charged, officially indicted, nor officially sentenced....By law enforcement, a court, or a jury.

The 'needed' focus seems to be gummed up inside the bubble that the Senate and the House live in. There are not enough Democratic, nor Republican elected public officials on capital hill, that live in touch with the real world.

If they were in touch, we certainly would be watching a whole other scenario with a cascade of issues and matters before us. Presumption of innocence, till proven guilty - in a court of law, The swat sting attack was not just aimed at Rep. Jefferson, it was an attack on the very heart of our democracy....First raided office on Capital Hill in 219 years. Who just happens to be from devastated New Orleans and knows the lay of the land inside and out.

By asking Rep. Jefferson to give up his seat in a very powerful committee, one that he worked hard to obtain, even if temporarily, makes the Democrats (again) look pretty bad. I thought it was only the political and religious fanatics that ate their own.

What are we coming to when it is the long time party of passionate humanitarians, principled justice, common sensibility, civic practicality, thoughtful honor, social and military consciousness, average citizen friendly, environmental visionaries and diverse unity, when the meaning of the party has completely lost its self. What has the Democratic party become???

Read The Times Picayune Editorial...

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Update June 12, 2006 - Commentary by Debra Mathis from the Black American Web....
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