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Friday, June 02, 2006

Homeland Security has Such a Sedating Effect Over the Entire Nation....

6/3/2006 - Less Is More - To Smaller Cities...The Washington Post

The Senate and House is in a harmonious state and all elected officials are waiting with baited breath for another nod, blink and a wink....

Ports of New Orleans and All The Rest

Fireside Chat

The Washington Post article....Link to read....

Update 6/4/2006 - The Opinion Editorial of David S. Broder, who writes about the "In the middle, middle of the road, road less traveled, new direction, right of passage, need it NOW...Unity08

5/7/2006 - Independent Clinton...I am hoping that she has not completely forsaken the hard fought issues that made her my hero back in the 1990's...I hope it is just a matter of keeping one's friends close and the not so friendly even closer....I haven't given up on Senator Clinton yet...
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