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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Firehouse Chat with Harry R. Carter Ph.D., MIFireE

Detour for the day...
Harry Carter, contributing editor to paints an interesting picture about what the average public servant is up against...when attempting to their job. There is an aura of intrigue as to why the "infrastructure" we rely upon and used to assume was fully intact, has been disrupted through subtle agenda ridden initiatives.

This editorial also boomerangs my thoughts back to my own backyard, where shootings in Minneapolis, Minnesota is occurring in areas typically untouched before. After the Minneapolis Police department faced forced creative (legal) bookkeeping techniques in 2004 at the hands of the city council and a 2003 budget cut in local government aid - state government grants.

The author hits on areas of concerns that do transcend across this nation. From the perspective of the regular everyday citizen, I would expect that all the services that I pay taxes for, are not just intact, but completely and thoroughly meant to do what it was intended for.

The author is absolutely correct; each area of service represents a different role with different needs. If those local level familiar roles are changing away from the norm...we do have many more problems ahead. Unfortunately, constantly waiting for the next well planned crisis to occur, is damaging to the psyche.

Dr. Carter says what he feels. This is the voice of "been there, done that." This is the voice of someone who cares. I appreciate his courage for expressing his opinion openly.

Link to read the whole editorial on

More on the current Minneapolis crime solution from Minnesota Public Radio
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