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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Political Fairness ~ Political Gateway...A World for the Voter & Candidate

EUREKA...An all encompassing political site Political Gateway.
Check out Bob Hoffmans on About.

Another helpful site On The Issues Political Leaders across the nation.

Taking a little detour and have decided to post this site for the multi-faceted benefit for anyone else who might be interested, anyone else who needs a place to pivot from. This is like discovering many treasure chests inside one big chest of current political events, without having to dig a thousand more holes to find information on what the Left, Bi-Partisan, the Right and their off shoots are thinking and writing about. I do still enjoy searching for information that media has deemed either unimportant or too edgy to print truthfully, for the mainstream citizen, in today's climate.

Getting more satisfaction out of learning from reading all spectrums of opinions on matters I am curious about, those that I am passionate about and the ones I didn't know about, is really what drives my thirst for wanting more information. The only word to describe not having enough information is...Unsettling. Too much information, especially vague, generalized or distorted, is equally unsettling.

I will doubly enjoy visiting this site for my daily dose of what's up, but will not forsake google news any time soon. Everything in moderation, smaller doses and taking breaks away from the news is much healthier now days, it seems. What did catch my attention on the Political Gateway, was two candidates from northern Minnesota out of a national list of candidates, who are campaigning through this site, using the site link to their websites.

The Political Gateway makes available websites for perspective candidates of all party's - small and big. A very good sign for all who want to run for an office, deliver their message and get people (voters) in their area to be aware of who their choices are, as candidates and as a person. For matters that would concern the people in their own backyard. Opening the lines of communication this way can help the voter to assess the candidate's and then take the steps to contact and/or donate if they feel inspired enough.

It also seems that this path would allow 'would be candidates' reasonable access to advertising without having to worry about spending an additional thousands upon thousands of campaign dollars that would otherwise keep them out of the race. Very grassroots. It is another tool that the average any-citizen can benefit from, just by tuning in, comparing and weighing the options that our neighbor (locally or nationally) is being offered.

Doesn't matter what party they belong to, it is what they have to offer their town, county or state that really matters and that is what this site gets. And it will be really interesting to see how many new comers will come out on the campaign trail for 2006 elections; fresh, honest and passionate, not bogged down in ugly - crazy making - bullying. I wonder how many Greens, Independents, Reformers or others will jump on this bandwagon site? If Politcal Gateway catches on with all candidates( the list is still small), that sure would create an exciting foundation of 'Democracy in Action'. A breath of fresh air much needed...Cool!

Link to Political Gateway and discover...
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