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Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Orleans ~ Income Tax Rumors

Thank you 'Police State USA' blog, for posting the link to the Baton Rouge Post story 'City Elections May Aid Tax Collectors, Cost Voters' that was printed and meant to scare the citizens.

Thousands upon thousands of residents from Wisconsin commute across the river to work everyday, here in Minnesota. The process for filing income tax is no more difficult than if they were a resident. So, unless more articles are run in Texas and other temporary evacuee states, to show how many citizens commute daily to work to another state across this nation, they (the exiled citizens of the Gulf Coast, especially New Orleanians) may have been given misinformation about how the income filing tax laws really work.

The way the story reads, could cause greater stress on hundreds of thousands of hurricane / flood survivors, who have never lived nor worked outside of the state of Louisiana. To work across state line is not a big deal at all, not unless there is a serious disparity between the two states one works and lives in, that is detrimental to the tax payer (hmmm...That's another story for later;). That has nothing to do with the scare tactics that the story reports in the Baton Rouge Post. It has everything to do with the citizen seeing less or seeing more in their state and federal tax refunds. Plus, the catastrophe of the levees collapsing and the floods from the hurricane driven winds, will be a solid case to make to the IRS (negotiating should not be necessary under the circumstances) about any money owed by a citizen, to postpone paying in.

The extended catastrophic damage in New Orleans was caused by federal negligence of the levees. So, unless the grassroots organizations, the nonprofits and the other advocates of 'Democracy in the United States.' don't get to the exiled voters and set the record straight with true information, the rumors of 'tax threat' to them (voters)for voting, will prevail. Then they just won't vote.
For an article on Hurricane Relief for Tax Payers Link to MARKETWATCH.COM...

2/17/2006 Internal Revenue Service postpones tax...IRS
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The failure of the levees was the result of long-misappropriated funds dealt by the Democrat good ol' boys who have ran my state for generations. They are a cancer, make no mistake about it; all Katrina and Rita did last year was expose the decay they pluck their fruit from.

April 08, 2006 7:04 PM  

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