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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flooding Season is Here & FEMA is Not Ready...

The thaw of winter and spring rains create unstable conditions nation wide. Flooding is expected again and local disaster teams are ready to do their jobs.

Alaska, Minnesota and other states receive regular help from FEMA with yearly predicted flooding of populated area's. The local responders receive training from experienced responders with wisdom of "been there and done that" many times over.

New comers will become old timers with time and experience. But 'old timers' are our valuable asset, they give us consistent stable knowing direction. In the midst and aftermath of disaster, it is the 'old timer' that holds everything and everyone together, even beyond mission accomplished. The 'old timers' are the backbone and we need them to always be there. Planning and training before a disaster, then implementing and delegating during and after a disaster, any disaster...natural or man made.

The New York Times article about the difficulty in finding a permanent FEMA director and the hiring of only 60 new staff, makes this years flooding season in Minnesota an incredibly serious time of trial without error. Not a good time to be any state in need of FEMA help since observing the realities during the Gulf Coast catastrophe. And this failure to get FEMA on the right track in time for all this years seasonal weather related challenges doesn't bode to well for any other unexpected disaster events either.

We had the best of the best making FEMA into a pro-action pact - hit the ground running United States Federal agency. Then in early 2000, the best of the best were reduced, replaced and rendered helpless. Many helpless and hapless federal agencies, is not smaller effective government, its just 'another' catastrophe waiting to happen.

Link to The New York Times story FEMA Calls, but Top Job is Tough Sell....
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