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Friday, March 31, 2006

After All Is Said & Done "After The Fact" Again...

Link to The Times Picayune...3/30/2006 Levee Restoration Price Doubles - The story is about raising the bar higher and higher, eventually out of reach...Maybe or Maybe not, the citizens will have to decide.


From 1/28/2006 Do Over - Do Over - Do Over - New Orleans...New Orleans will be expected to continue re-shaping a plan that is never to be accepted. Not as long as it holds key elements of recovery and rebuilding.

From 3/7/2006 Bully for Profit aka Lawmaking American Style - The Hurricane Funding Bill for the Gulf Coast is at risk of being tampered with, twisted, chopped up and minced. There is absolutely no reason, on this earth and in the House, that this funding should be combined with any other legislative business.
This appears to be an under handed attempt to bully for profit. But maybe more than anything, the Hurricane Funding Bill was never meant to make it out of the House as a "SOLE" relief effort for many, many Gulf Coast citizens of the United States of America.


From 3/22/2006 Creative Crazy Making - A drastic and immediate budget reduction to the New Orleans US Army Corps of Engineers in June of 2005 for fiscal year 2006 of 71 million dollars, meant pulling back and shelving front line work.

FROM 3/18/2006 The Louisiana Connection ~ Might Makes Right - Senator Gregg is a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, the committee that curiously never received the Presidents December request for an additional 1.5 billion for levee rebuilding. Senator Landrieu from Louisiana (also part of the Appropriations Committee) voted for the 2.8 trillion budget, in hopes to secure badly needed funding for her state. Whether the funding she seeks will actually materialize, only Senator Landrieu knows the depth of the conversations she had with her colleagues, her actions just had to be out sheer desperation of flawed Federal processes.

FROM 3/11/2006 Louisiana USA ~ Port of New Orleans - The infrastructure that has to be rebuilt for the city and the citizens to survive, is absolutely critical. All other port cities involved do not have a city or a region dealing with rebirth, repopulation and regeneration and not to forget the deep federal cuts in the infrastructure before the hurricane and the collapse of the levee system.

FROM 3/11/2006 Louisiana Did the Hard Math...
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