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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Creative Crazy Making

Taken From Pieces 12/31/2005, Written to the Governor of Minnesota 10/2/2005...
"The great energy, time and attention that it takes to field and catch every unjust act going through the systems pipeline, makes it absolutely impossible and overwhelming for the average citizen to feel like they can do anything about anything"

A drastic and immediate budget reduction to the New Orleans US Army Corps of Engineers in June of 2005 for fiscal year 2006 of 71 million dollars, meant pulling back and shelving front line work. An immediate hiring freeze meant immediate exclusion to local engineering firms to provide hurricane and flood control project assistance. Only a skeleton crew of Engineers would remain on the job in the projected 2006 year. Fast forward to 8/2005 the hurricanes and levee collapse. Fast forward to present day, the Corps of Engineers is still attempting levee repair, not levee rebuilding. With the deep federal cuts to last year for this year, in combination with an already struggling financial picture for New Orleans alone, it begs to be pondered, how many local level municipalities across this nation were federally scooped and gutted too? Probably over the years, most if not all cities and towns. How do we wrap our minds around this, as elections approach? Homework, Homework!!!
Link to the story about last years budget dilemma's....
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