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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Louisiana Connection - Might makes Right?

Update 3/30/2006...The Washington Post story link has disappeared......
Articles printed 3/16/06 - Senate passes 2.8 trillion budget - The Washington Post (3/16 now archived as of recent 3/30?) and the Times of India 3/17 online ran the original story from the Associated Press. It specifically quoted Senator Judd Greggs, Budget Committee Chairman as saying that he was not happy with the added provisions and that he believed 'his' budget plan would have cut deficits by 50% in a five year span of time. Democrats disagreed with this plan. Was Senator Greggs budget plan part of the on going problem? Senator Gregg is a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, the committee that curiously never received the Presidents December request for an additional 1.5 billion for levee rebuilding. Senator Landrieu from Louisiana (also part of the Appropriations Committee) voted for the 2.8 trillion budget, in hopes to secure badly needed funding for her state. Whether the funding she seeks will actually materialize, only Senator Landrieu knows the depth of the conversations she had with her colleagues, her actions just had to be out sheer desperation of flawed Federal processes.
Link to The Washington Post removed, because they have archived it already? Go to the Times of India article through Google news search....Senate passes 2.8 trillion Judd Gregg....


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