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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Louisiana USA ~ The Port of New Orleans


For the full story link to the Washington Post...."Even if DP World sells its assets at the ports of Baltimore, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans immediately, the underlying issues raised by the controversy will remain at the top of Congress's political agenda."

The port deal has a direct impact on New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. No matter how the deal plays out, really plays out, the new New Orleans and other port cities will have to come up with additional money to correct what is being identified as lack of security in port operations. Investing more money, more time and more security than before, while devastated New Orleans remains in on going recovery. Will this action take away from important projects like completing the levee system rebuilding and the 'Hurricane Pam' exercise. The infrastructure that has to be rebuilt for the city and the citizens to survive, is absolutely critical. All other port cities involved do not have a city or a region dealing with rebirth, repopulation and regeneration and not to forget the deep federal cuts in the infrastructure before the hurricane and the collapse of the levee system. I really believe that Louisiana and the city of New Orleans is a true living testament to the rest of the nation, that the "will" of the people still out weigh the "won't" of government. I guess it all comes down to finding the right buttons to push and not the thickness of the ruler to hit us with. An interesting thought for all the upcoming elections.
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