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Monday, March 27, 2006

Over the River & through the Wood's to Grandmother's (Chorus: flooded and destroyed) House We Go...To Vote


The evacuees from New Orleans will have to find a way to cast their vote, without an ounce of judicial influence. While the word 'influence' may not be the proper term, influence or interference, can be a good thing.

Good - if it stands to reason that the environment that exists is one of fairness, equality and is democratic. Not Good - if the individual is forced to jump systematic hurdles in order to exercise their right to vote.

Good - if all civil services are up and running smooth. Not Good - if mail delivery is still impeded by the aftermath of the levee floods.

Good - if reasonable accommodations are provided under the law. Not Good - if accommodations are dismissed because of lack of budget.

Good - if gas money, bus fare or plane ticket isn't money towards food. Not Good - if gas money, bus fare or plane ticket is money towards food.

Good - if polls open extended, extended hours for more people. Not Good - if ( fewer) polls mean more people.

Good - if all absentee ballots are received, calculated and recorded accurately. Not Good - if 'any' absentee ballots are absent from the count.

Good - if all voters are treated with dignity and respect. Not Good - if voters have no free accessible amenities.

Good - if voter is rested and adrenaline pumped. Not Good - if voter is still having flash backs, with insomnia.

Enough said......
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