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Saturday, April 01, 2006

American People ~V~ Foreign Investment

The newest indication, another added piece to the puzzle, is pretty clear...the Gulf Coast of the United States of America will not receive the help they deserve. Deserving citizens that create the tapestry of tax paying citizens. All consumers are tax payers, all residents are tax payers and all workers are tax payers. Drips of hurricane funding dropping into some hands of those in need, while others are left parched and dry.

So, now that the pendulum is swinging the other way, from too little hurricane funding for the New Orleans levee system - taking too long to get in place, to mammoth increased levee funding - being placed on the shoulders of the state and thus the citizens. Why is the state responsible for this new cost? The levee system that collapsed is a federally funded project ( before and after the floods ), salaries go to the US Army Corps of Engineers, federally classified employees.

The triple digit increase should be a moment for rejoicing, but it isn't. The state of Louisiana, every city in the state and every citizen are expected to pay again, again and again. Isn't this reverse double or triple dipping, for something that was already paid for by the citizens to the federal government. Forgot...the federal government cut the New Orleans levee protection budget last year (see 3/22 Creative Crazy Making), again. For every cut that was made on a federal level for local federal services already paid into, wouldn't that mean that the government actually owes the people of the Gulf Coast every penny plus a whole lot more, for years of reduced and lost services?

The lawmakers of Louisiana will need intense therapy and strong medicine for mental anguish from 'psychological administrative warfare,' if these kinds of tactics keep happening. That is a lesson everyone across the nation is facing in smaller doses. Yes, there will be those that thrive in the dealings of chaos, crisis and manipulation. They have an agenda that helps them and their friends personally. That is the reality. But, in my world...Peace, Harmony and Balance...Is the natural medicinal remedy of my choice.
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