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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nonprofit in NO Steps Up for Smarter Planning...

Catholic Charities will begin to create "affordable housing" in New Orleans, that no other city operated agency seems to be doing. The public housing crisis is just that, a crisis. Public housing apartments were available right after the levee collapse, undamaged and livable. Affordable housing does not mean welfare housing. People have misunderstood this term for many years and it makes one wonder who is perpetuating the welfare myth around practical and reasonable rent costs, using real time Un-livable wages and Non-rising fixed incomes. Having a nonprofit step up and take the reigns to provide thousands of units is commendable, but it is also a shame that the other thousands of affordable units seem no more, lost in the murky waters of public misunderstandings.
Link to The Times Picayune for the whole story....4/5/2006
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