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Friday, April 07, 2006

James Carville "A Lil Soul, A Lil Dance, A Lil Seltzer Down My Pants"

New Orleans and James Carville, both eclectic forces to be reckoned with! I enjoyed watching his Sunday morning and late night talk show visits, he fit my learning style. His sassy commentaries laced with polished southern manners, made him a household name. When he got excited, he got excited and it showed. When he was serious, he was stead fast and absolutely unmovable. Mr. Carville spoke to a group of government researchers in New Orleans Thursday 4/6/2006 at the Hilton. I bet the hotel staff got a lot more enjoyment, a lot bigger boost and a huge dose of inspiration, more than they had anticipated. I sure would like to see James Carville visit the Sunday morning political talk shows 'soon' and listen to his wise wisdom and get a boost from his kaleidoscope personality, too.

Link to The Times Picayune for the whole story...

Also go to a Meet The Press transcript from 11/2004...Mr. Carville gives an interesting interview and has to make good on a bet and pay the Boys and Girls Club.
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