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Monday, April 10, 2006

New Orleanians Begin Voting ~ Making Today Count For Many

New Orleans 4/10/2006 - A landmark day...for the people and the future.

May 27, 2002 - Ray Nagin defeated 14 candidates to become the
Mayor of New Orleans.

Voting for the Mayor of any town or city doesn't usually matter to anyone, except for those that reside in that area. The mayoral race in New York was of national interest because of the exiting Mayors valiant demeanor during 9/11. People wanted to see and hear from the "leader hero" before he left the spotlight altogether.

We like hero's, we find inspiration in what a hero represents. The strength in character, the firm compassion and the human connection is a public hero made. Different place and another time, the next public hero emerged out of the Southern Gulf Coast. Anguish over his people filled city pierced the air waves at that moment in time, when people all over the world, were startled into his world.

Trapped in the eye of catastrophe, drowning in a flood of isolation, this man touched our hearts with his voice - voicing the peoples plight. It ripped through our being. It made us swell with tears, it sent chills up and down our spines.

This hero never left, never abandoned his city and has stayed through out, every hour of every day, his inner being is co-mingled with everything that is the aftermath of catastrophe and everything that is the rebirth of an American city. Truly a test of human indurance during this time of trial and error. In the face of deathly peril, he never left the people, never deserted the city and he never gave up. This hero stayed true to himself, thereby staying true to the people he serves. With no magic wand, no national rally and no easy answers to the myriad of inconceivable hurdles, this man is a hero.

Anyone seeking information about voting options may call the secretary of state's toll-free number, 1 (800) 883-2805.
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