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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Washington Posts Eugene Robinson ~ FACE Facts


This American City, its Port, its Culture and Historical significance must be 'Preserved' at all cost. Link.....The Washington Post....

Update 6/3/2006 - T-P Editorializes on the Corps...

Update 6/2/2006 - The Corps Confess....The Washington Post....

The Op-Ed, finally, finally - identifies the Federal Army Corps of Engineers as the responsible entity where New Orleans levee building is concerned. It does say that independent sources should have been in place to monitor or review the professed 'expertise' of the Engineers? That may well be a landmark idea that if not in place nation wide, should be a cooperative part of constructing any levee or dam, for the sake of all life near by.

Most articles out there still center on the hurricane as the primary culprit, steering away from writing about the collapse of the levees as the cause that decimated 80% of the city. As this piece points out...New Orleans is pretty much surrounded by the same levee structures, in the same condition (those not breached or collapsed) as before the hurricane hit.

The federal government can and should direct every conceivable effort to secure New Orleans entire levee system, now. The Dutch have proven solutions that do exist. Why isn't there a huge massive initiative to get the flood wall in place? This is not an 'Ostrich in the sand' problem...this is a symptom of something else...keeping New Orleans weakened, while going into hurricane season.
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