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Saturday, May 27, 2006

November 2006 and Then 2008...

Update - 5/30/2006 The Washington Post.....Hearing on the Hill - Look Between the Lines.....another Red Herring....Hmmm?

Go to The Washington Post article.....

Update 5/28/2006 - The Washington Post Story Tipping Point...

Is Re-Districting Taking Place?

The Magistrates Decision

What LOOKS bad for Rep. Jefferson

The Aspiring Young Rep. Jefferson

The Business of Deal Making

The 1999 Nigerian Dot

Wonder what the administration is up to now? A "new" re-run of the same old drama seeking - chaos creating - agenda riddled - crisis needing...?

And not to leave out the silent till now, as a whole - Capital Hill. Haven't witnessed this kind of public co-mingling camaraderie, not before un-American style tactics were thrust directly upon one of their own, right in their backyard, which belongs to the people of this United States.

Congressman Jeffersons situation is a work in progress...Where appearances are deceiving and 'me thinks' that his character is clean, no matter what the visible scenario might look like.

Eeny Meany Money Moe....Maybe Mr. Rove, needs a diversion, this time? Or, maybe it is Mr Rumsfeld? Nope, I think its our Vice President, who is close to being summoned to testify, over another not so long ago crisis making drama.

As we approach June...The state of Nevada is getting ready to withstand underground explosives testing, not done since becoming (I truly believed with every fiber) a more civilized nation. War is never - never an answer to humanities survival, no matter what some think. But wait, Correction - As of todays date the plan is on hold.

New Orleans is trying to withstand rebirth for rebuilding. Everyone is on the edge about Iraq and no one wants Iran to become the next Iraq.

The wealthy keep more of their money, while the middle is being edged to the 'have not' line.

What could possibly be up the administrations sleeve, this time?

"My thoughts reluctantly by-pass a memory of summers lazy dog days, for that blustery November start, When behind my mid-seasoned iced breath, my voice casts out an independent message to impart" Anonymous

The Times Picayune...also makes note about the federal raid on the Nigerian Vice President and an editorial siting how Sen. Vitter

Libby Gets TIME Magazine
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