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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Founding Fathers had a Plan, Point & Pen...

One obvious question, out of a million....Why? Why did the FBI agent feel compelled to share that one 'detail' while observing the Congressman during the raid, with the public?

Why are the FBI talking at all? The statement seems like something you would have to withhold until you are in a court of law, testifying as a witness to the character actions of the accused.

In old Salem, the old South, the old West and through out history, stories have shown that twisted embellishment of the selective truth and out right falsehoods, travel faster than fire and creates a rash rush to judgement 'mob' mentality, then does the plain old truth?

Innocent till proven guilty, in a court of law. Not, guilty till proven guilty by any means necessary, just because a law enforcement agent is telling tales out of school.

Just my tiny opinion. Read the story in
The Times Picayune

The Washington Post...also carried the story...
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