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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Washington Posts Series ~ Being A Black Man

Update for June 9, 2006 Robert E. Pierre ~ Young Apprentice...... The Washington Post....

The Washington Post - A Little Personal Peek through Stephen Holmes and Richard Monn.....

link.....The Washington Post...........At The Corner of Progress and Peril....

A ratio of 4:4.....I know of four men who traveled cautiously around the battleground of peril and four men who battled their way threw peril. The dynamics and demographics among and between the men, are more different than alike.

The Washington Post story by Michael Fletcher, is a year long series and thus far reflects a good start to a very social, political and economic plight. The numbers of black youth and adult men, embroiled in the justice system, is not evidence of the act of one individual, nor is it a tool to judge a race of men.

The corrections system across the nation, has a pretty strong cash cow in just having an assembly line of bodies, as guests of their state. The human service and faith-based project efforts typically get a hold of the adolescent, teen and men, after the damage is already done, after they have a record.

An effort to stay focused on the ex-convicted is extremely important...They need to become full participant's in everything community related and be allowed to vote after they have paid their debt to society. Many places in this country still do not have pre-programs - preventive projects in place, to attempt detour through stable loving support systems.

Countless stories of varying kinds seem to have a few similar threads that keep the cycle spinning. The public school system seems to think that they do not have to change with the times. But, Yes, they do. If having a 24 hour police state, a 24 hour policed school and a 24 hour policed neighborhood, is pleasing to all citizens, then by all means.....Throw away the most precious gift we as a society have....Our children, our little ones and our teens.

If not for the alarmingly staggering statistics and the sad casualties (that I've witnessed in the past 10 years), I would never have thought before, that black men as a whole have a much more unique struggle than does their counter part, in this day and age. I am very eager to read more of the series as it moves forward and hope that it is noted among scholars all over the world.

link.....The Washington Post...........

The Washington Post - A Little Personal by Stephen Holmes and Richard Monn.....
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