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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Right To Public Housing Rights ~ In New Orleans

Update 6/4/2006 The Times Picayune story by Gwen Filosa....Homesick....

Link and read about today's next New Orleanian baby step, in getting Public Housing back on track. This is about affordable housing, period! Until there is a national stable environment that allows people to not have to seek Public Housing options, the present day system is all that there is....And 'It" is better than nothing. Better in some places than others and.....

......Better than living on the street...Under card board. Better than living in a tent, in another city's tent city. Better than having to give up ones children to social service - foster care, to another relative or god forbid...Farm out to a stranger.

Better than being institutionalized with ones disabilities. Better than living in a shelter (if it exists) and then trying to go to work. Better than being a "Homeless" Vet. Better than living in a car. Better than living with an abusive family member. Better than hanging out at the train or bus station all night. Better than being confined to a nursing home.

Better than living without a shred of choice. Public / Affordable Housing is a decent and honorable step to independence...A social building block for equal basic needs.

Link to The Times Picayune..........

The 3 Public Plead For

Common Affordable Rental Housing Programs
Public Housing
  • Very affordable rents based upon income (30% of household income with 1 full time worker making $5.15 hourly, might pay $260 monthly)
  • Variety of styles (apartments, single family, townhome) and amenities
  • Local housing authority is access point for a bigger number of units
  • Most units cost 30% of gross adjusted family income
  • Possibly choices limited
  • Some units older
  • Waiting lists can be long or closed
Section 8 Housing
  • Very affordable rents
  • Variety of housing styles
  • Many different landlords and property managers participate
  • Some units have a low fixed rent amount
  • Most units cost 30% of household adjusted gross income
  • Each owner maintains a separate waiting list
  • Travel and calling from the waiting list to find how to apply and whose open
  • Waiting lists can be closed or long
Section 8 Voucher Housing
  • Very affordable rents based on income
  • Choose the place you want to live and possibly current property owner may accept voucher
  • Sometimes subsidy can be retained
  • A passed inspection before subsidy payments can start
  • 30% to 40% of gross adjusted income
  • Apply to an agency to get a voucher
  • Waiting list can be long or closed
  • Still have to apply to property to rent
  • Credit and history check
  • Some properties reject vouchers
  • The agency will identify an eligible rent amount

A Sisters Voice

Crying Out
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