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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rep. Jeffersons Family Business Is Not A Congressional Gift Basket

Update 6/7/2006 - Amsterdam News The One and Only....

Update 6/6/2006 - The Times Picayune Wanting 50% of the Cake and Eating It Too....

Link...To The Times Picayune to read....Attempting to Pick the Truth....

Founding Fathers....Consider the First Source and the Meaning....

A Resigned Editorial from West Virginia.....The Washington Post

The Washington Post ~ New Orleans Rep. Jeffersons business of family....

5/25/2006 - The Washington Post - Constitutional Angina

5/25/2006 - The Times Picayune

5/25/2006 - Two Hundred and Nineteen Years

May 24, 2006 ...Ace Up the Sleeve.....

Update - 5/30/2006 The Washington Post.....Hearing on the Hill - Look Between the Lines.....another Red Herring....Hmmm?

Go to The Washington Post article.....

Update 5/28/2006 - The Washington Post Story Tipping Point...

What LOOKS bad for Rep. Jefferson

The Times Picayune...also makes note about the federal raid on the Nigerian Vice President and an editorial siting how Sen. Vitter

The Magistrates Decision

The Business of Deal Making

Is Re-Districting Taking Place?

The Aspiring Young Rep. Jefferson

The 1999 Nigerian Dot


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