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Friday, April 21, 2006

Louisiana Secretary of State & FEMA Playing The Game with the Voters...

4/22/2006 - The Washington Post article

4/21/2006 - The citizen contact information that all candidates needed access to, has continued to be restricted by the Louisiana Secretary of State office.

Even though FEMA produced a letter stating that the contact information could be made available for the purpose of the elections.

So, let me get this straight; LA Secretary of State says FEMA said "NO," FEMA says they said "Yes," & many exiled voters are left in the dark about 'all' candidate information.

The failure to protect the 'rights' of the citizen, by excluding the citizen voter from receiving the candidate information - Is Unexceptable.

It is assuredly so, we will need hundreds of hands and feet to count the many, many lawsuits waiting in the wings. The lawyers are about the only ones, who will profit from all of the 'accidentally on purpose' interpretation, translation and implementation (or no action) of the state election practices.

And this election, playing out in the national spotlight, isn't just a New Orleans problem. This is only another preview of how our voting system has been operating. Its' just an under the radar tactic. Even here, in Minnesota, there was talk about how our Secretary of State office provided misinformation' about voter eligibility...on the Wendy Wild show - Air America, several months ago. Right before she went off the air.

Is someone, at the top, afraid that the exiled residents of New Orleans will feel empowered with knowledge and then loudly expect their rights?

Link to The Times Picayune for the story...
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