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Monday, April 17, 2006

MSNBC ~ The New Orleans Mayoral Debate Is On...The Magnificent Seven Showdown...

The "Magnificent Seven" came out in full bloom to the nation, for the benefit of their beloved New Orleans and the New Orleanians who will vote for them.

Since I've never witnessed a mayoral debate before this and as much as I regret why this has to be, I was very eager to watch the candidates in action. The mayoral hopefuls deserve an immense amount of praise, just for agreeing to this forum - to a national audience.

I give Mayor Nagin a huge cheer, just for being able to stand his ground amongst the group. He took heat and hits from all and came out the victor. Not once did he jab, insult, make fun of or disrespect his opponents. That's political class! If anything, he was held to a higher standard then the others.

Since prospective supporters are scattered all over the nation, it made perfect since to televise the debate. Network television will hopefully pick up the debate and show it again, again and its non-cable customers, up to election day 4/22/06.

For the rest of us, New Orleans will be on the mend for a long time and they need all of us to stand with them in their attempts to rebuild an American city.

The Washington Post the full story...

The Times Picayune the whole story...
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