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Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Orleans...Some Supporting the Other Guy / Gal Just A Few Months Before Hurricane Season...

In the 4/17/2006 Louisiana Weekly, the reasoning behind their support of the other candidate, is steeped in a history of looking (appearing) honorable. That can be a reason. Looks like and doing are two different things, though.

The Mayor of New Orleans has a good honest track record. He was chipping away at a long time adverse political foundation that didn't develop over night, before catastrophic devastation hit the city. The Mayors family is a really good indicator as to the cut of his suit. Look at the man, then look at his family and friends. Can there be a more family driven husband and father...Living in the spot light of the before and aftermath of an 80% decimation of ones home, along with all those that you know.

Living, breathing and growing from a place - out of love of ones home, making the strides to do better and make better for all residents, is not an instant character maker, it is a born character builder, a good change agent.

Years of institutionalized poverty, classism, chronyism and even racism (not isolated to the South by any means) takes a deliberate constant even hand. Mix the old with the new...namely the new incoming Mayor Nagin and you get conflict and rife from the 'old way' of doing things. If too timid in poise an elected official could be driven over by the 'old' way and never know what hit him / her. Too abrasive and not even the public would greet him / her on the street, in passing.

He does not appear to be a 'yes' man, but does appear to possess the necessary decorum and tact to deal with any level of government. In his attempt to communicate openly with all the citizens regarding the rebuilding of a city, lets not forget the real cat and mouse games from the federal level. You either try and disseminate information in a timely manner with which it is given, attaching an add on that things could change or you say nothing at all.

With this current administration, US Senate and US House...The chaotic cat and mouse games just never end. The people would never have tolerated "nothing at all." If the Mayors traits had him always appealing to the mass or appeasing the affluent, then how did he get as far as he did? As far as I can tell, the Mayor was constantly in change agent mode, mediating and debating "with" those that had their very own agenda's to protect their turf (not unlike anywhere USA). Debating is healthy if all agree to the actual matter at hand.

If New Orleans votes to change the player, then they are voting to change the game along with the coach. If the citizens are ready and willing to stay on the heals of an untested new comer, watching and learning how he / she "walks the walk & talks the talk," then they must feel extremely disappointed in their current Mayors past performance and will go to lengths to unseat him, while putting their city back together. If New Orleans voters decide not to re-elect Mayor Nagin, I truly hope he goes on to the next level of government. Cuz, we need more public officials with his type of humble mantra. The sign "Be honest or leave," on his door plainly says it all.

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