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Monday, April 17, 2006

Louisiana Secretary of State...Now He Blames FEMA for Short Steps In New Orleans Election???

The Times Picayune is printing a story put out by The Associated Press yesterday...FEMA won't pay for elections.

The story was printed late afternoon and interestingly makes excuses in direct relationship to an editorial published yesterday, about problems with voting absentee. Link to blog story New Orleans Election.

To print this story in the midst of the election and have the Louisiana Secretary of State make several printed references before hand, as to how well they're doing, is an odd-odd step to take.

Considering the content of the AP story, are they admitting to a mistake now - before the votes can be collected and counted? Hope more comes out on why the Secretary seems a bit more dramatic now, when in other stories before, seemingly was pretty calm and optimistic.

New York - FEMA... 1 million obligated to Nassau County for suspended and rescheduled elections.

MSNBC - Louisiana Secretary of State Office Said

The Salon - Louisiana Secretary of State Said

The Times Picayune - Lousiana Secretary of State Said
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