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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Houston Evacuees & FEMA's Full Throttle Attack

Here I thought Louisiana lawmakers were gonna need lot's of additional intensive therapy, from "Psychological Administrative Warfare" in there attempts to grasp hold of whatever real monies coming their states way.

4/1/2006...American Government -V- Foreign Investemnt...
"The lawmakers of Louisiana will need intense therapy and strong medicine for mental anguish from 'psychological administrative warfare,' if these kinds of tactics keep happening. That is a lesson everyone across the nation is facing in smaller doses. Yes, there will be those that thrive in the dealings of chaos, crisis and manipulation. They have an agenda that helps them and their friends personally. That is the reality."

But, once again(in the past few weeks), the administrative side of government is making excuses for informing thousands upon thousands of evacuees that they do not meet the FEMA housing assistance requirements. That adds up to a total of about 25,000 people within family units or 8,500 heads of household.

Right before the elections people in Houston and probably elsewhere, were told that they wouldn't have FEMA, because FEMA knew that their homes were livable in New Orleans, because FEMA sent out a task force to look at the homes. This is just one of many reasons given to the survivors for being cut off housing assistance.

Same FEMA, old agenda...ya know, I really doubt FEMA can be fixed at this point.

The elections coming up are so critical now, that all exiled need to get back to New Orleans, for the sake of humanity. When the buses roll up to New Orleans, when the cars park in New Orleans, anyone who is facing a bleak, unknown existence, fraught with endurance of multiple misteps, should consider staying in New Orleans. Because of the way people have been treated since the government agencies, the citizens - thousands upon thousands, should refuse to leave New Orleans once they get there to vote.

It sounds ludicrous to suggest a mass citizen protest, sit in or whatever you want to call it. The evacuees, the survivors, the exiled people have been through too much already. But if something isn't done by the people, when they gather to vote, the threat of being silenced and walled off from their home from then on, is a greater probability.

FEMA says it is reviewing the list??? So, what if right after the elections, FEMA decides to stick with their 'deprivation attack' on the evacuees? Then where do the people go?

The did a piece on absentee voting...It is an eye opener...Lance Hill describes what happened when he tried to do an absentee vote....Trying to Absentee Vote In New Orleans
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